The Dark Satanic Mills Essay

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Date:  2022-05-15

William Greider claims that industrial fire cannot escape the tragedy of Kader industrial fire cannot be explained by a pure focus on the greedy families and multinationals. His statement about the ordination and organization of the Kader fire which he through to be the free market itself have several meanings in the context of the today society. This statement can be related to the today many nations which organize for trade deals which they later take advantage to exploit the local citizens. These nations finally blame their state for failing to arrange for appropriate development strategies. Many countries get caught in this state of quagmire, and they cannot deliver to the people as expected. The collaboration existing among different multinationals pose a more significant challenge in dealing with the issue of corruption that can curb this challenge. This is representing the Kader fire which was organized by the free market. The Kader fire represents the existing leaders who organize corrupt deals in the claim that they are serving the nation but it is all about their self-satisfaction.

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Under the above condition, other multinationals cannot withstand the pressure that is posed to them from this situation. They face the trouble on how to choose the best service to the people, but they end up exploiting them. They pretend to be liberal and accept corrections, but they are rigid on the policy they make regarding the benefits that the people might obtain from them. These tragedies that several multinationals face have got a lot of issues that are inevitable. The people themselves feel offended by the leaders they choose and they have no power to kick them out of the office until their outlined period of service is over (Greider, 2008). The pressure is also from the unstable leadership which exercises power under dictatorship and cannot be corrected.

The Third world industries have found it so hard in their attempt to improve the working conditions. This is because of the poor governance existing among the top officials. They regard themselves as ever right and always force their decisions to be applied even when they can pose an adverse outcome. They are full of corruption and all immoral looting behaviors. This demoralizes workers and makes them loose passion in their way of operation (Greider, 2008). Poor machinery that makes work more efficient is lacking forcing the Third world countries to exploit workers who become more irritated to carry on in the next day of operation. There should be a break to ensure that a regain of energy and rejuvenation of the mind.

There is also a current conflict regarding budgeting for the required facilities that can improve the working conditions in the factories. The embezzlement of funds among the industry officials. The factories become bankrupt and unable to carry out the financial functions that can improve the working conditions. Poor coordination poses many disorganizations on how labor can be divided among the individuals. Working conditions in the factories make people to be demoralized and forge all sorts of reasons to move away from these factories. Thriving of industries depends on how workers get treated and the management body existing. There should be a well-organized structure of leadership that provides freedom for everyone to express themselves on matters pertaining the factory's operation.


Greider, W. (January 14, 2008). These Dark Satanic Mill. chapter 14.

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