Trigger Event in a Business Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-26

In a business, a trigger event refers to the change in the environment which precipitates the need for having organization change. An organization that I am familiar with that experienced a case of a trigger event is Minnesota Biolabs Company. Minnesota Biolabs Organization is a business which supplied rabbits for sepsis testing. Today, organizations are faced with several obstacles in the market pace which are caused by competition and changes in the regulation and the needs of the consumers. The sepsis test usually is critical to the humans' welfare globally, and it is not an issue that only affects the United States. The rabbits which were used for testing that Minnesota Biolabs Company supplied were found that they were dying. As a result, this became the trigger event which forced the need for implementing change in Minnesota Biolabs business through using of rabbits which could not die.

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Organization development consists of an extended range of efforts to enhance the renewal and problem-solving processes of organization (Block, 2001). Organization changes entail effective collaboration of organizational culture management. Given that there was the increased death of the live rabbits and more regulations were being imposed with the aim of protecting the rabbits' rights by government agencies, the company had no alternative but to establish change within the organization to end this issue. Given that Minnesota Biolabs organization is a company that operates globally, it had no other alternative other than making of changes o this process in attempts to avoid bad publicity and given that nations such as the United States have already established regulations that are intended to offer protection to animals. Therefore, to avoid this issue which could affect the society and the government, Minnesota Biolabs Company decided that they must change their business practice which involved using of rabbits and replacing them with the horseshoe crabs.

Initially, the trigger event was handled by Minnesota Biolabs Company correctly through making changes in how they used to test for the sepsis infections through using crabs which could still be alive after the tests were carried out. Organization change includes the alteration of the core aspects of the organization operations. Many organizations are continuing with efforts to implement change (Hallencreutz, & Turner, 2011). When the business trigger events are reacted properly, organizations frequently experience benefits which may range from larger market shares, the rise of profits, and exercising goodwill towards the community.

The new process adopted by the company would involve extracting blood from the crabs which had an advantage instead of using rabbits since crabs would get back to the water to restore the blood that they could have lost in the process. This change resulted in increased profits being realized by Minnesota Biolabs as the crabs usually cost less than the rabbits and they eliminated the expense that they incurred for paying for the elimination of the deceased rabbits.


An organization that adopts a strategy of enhancing quality usually is concerned with improving the organizational effectiveness and improvement (Smith, 2011). Minnesota Biolabs Company handled the trigger event appropriately as it made changes by starting using crabs rather than rabbits. This practice of using crabs was recognized as the primary standard meant for the industry. The changes would imply other states such as Europe and Japan. The handling of the trigger event by Minnesota Biolabs was appropriate as the company considered making use of crabs to replace rabbits with the aim of increasing profits that would automatically result in large bonuses as well as leading to pay increases.


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