Essay on Emoji in Corporate Documents: Misunderstandings and Consequences

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Date:  2023-04-05

The use of emoji has gone viral due to the rise and advancement of technology. However, incorporate documents and platforms remarkable impacts have been realized. I am writing to inform you why such emoji should not be used in corporate documents, why in most cases they can be misunderstood, and the consequences of such misunderstanding within the social location.

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A picture communicates a thousand words, and the use of emoji's may be useful to extend and setting if it is appropriately used. However, in corporate documents, such images have had negative connotations and are regarded as ubiquitous. According to emoji's should not have a place in the culturally and globally diverse environment regardless of their functions. Most emoji's interferes with the company's image, making it being perceived by others as unprofessional and immature. The reactions that people may have after received documents with emoji's could have costly and negative consequences, ranging being used as evidence to human resources. Similarly, people who share a typical social setup can only understand the sensitivities and appropriateness of most of them. However, in most cases, they caused massive setbacks and failed responses if the recipient has no idea about the meaning of the image sent.

Additionally, the differences in cultures may make a specific emoji to have a different meaning to the recipient. In most cases, when the symbols are used in corporate documents, and the recipient and the sender do not share the same cultures, it may come across as flirtatious, racially or gender insulting, and sexually harassing, as opposed to the intention of the sender. As a result, they may fail to respond, while others may sort for legal measures to the sender - most emoji. An emoji may morph into a different thing from the image that it was sent for with the corporate social operations.

For instance, most countries that are outside the United States, "OK" sign, and the "Thumbs-up" signal do not share the same thing and can be easily confused. These two symbols portray significant differences, especially in represent specific meaning, and as people use them, proper care needs to be adhered to in making them useful. Similarly, the smiley faces that come in different ways may have a different meaning that can be misunderstood in the corporate setting. The differences exhibited in the faces can limit a person's response to specific issues that are essential for the company. As a result, the proper policy must, therefore, be implemented to address the common understandings that are associated with the symbols. Company culture and emoji is the most valuable policy that needs to be applied to allow proper evaluation of the symbols before they are used and the consequences that they can cause to the corporate image.


To sum, the misunderstanding generated from the emoji's makes the company look unprofessional and immature. Similarly, they reduce the company's image as, in most cases; court cases outdo the intended purpose of the organization. The misunderstanding may lead to the unplanned conclusion from the relationship or unending arguments that, in turn, makes the mutual relationship between the organizations passive. In one instance, it is time-consuming in trying to explain the meaning of an emoji if it was not adequately understood.

Overall, for research on why emojis should not be used in corporate documents, check the following sources: Dogan, S., & Collins, A. B. (2019). Does Communication With Emoticons/Emojis Work Efficiently? Evidence from Turkey. Co-Editors. 374.

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