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The success of every management relies on its leadership techniques. Through leadership approach, leaders take advantage of what is best in individuals and a team. As such, leadership assist leaders in developing techniques that assist in setting strategic goals for a company. The approach motivates individuals, which assist in attaining the objectives of a firm. According to Yahaya and Ebrahim (2016), effective leadership technique helps to overcome challenges, thus increasing the chances of attaining the objectives. Amazon Inc. is an American multinational technology firm that is located in Seattle. The productivity of the company relies on e-commerce, clouding computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence (Schwartz, 2017). Currently, Amazon Inc. is considered one of the Big Four tech firms in the world. In which, it is perceived as the most influential company in the current world. The success of the company highly relies on effective leadership system. Amazon uses a pragmatist leadership style, which encourages managers to set high standards that motivate and push workers throughout the year. The research reviews the leadership approach that Amazon Inc. uses and how the team influences the performance.

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Element of Leadership

In the past three decades, leadership approach in Amazon Inc. depends on elements such as transparency approaches. Through the technique, leaders develop an influential system that motivates workers to engage in different activities as they push for organizational goals. Technology changes have become a critical aspect that forcing the firm to introduce new approaches to ensure they compete effectively with rivals (von Rueden, 2019). As such, leaders have managed to demonstrate their acceptance to change to ensure they can effectively solve the rising issues. Shared purpose is another critical element that the firm's leadership focus. The method ensures leaders successfully share responsibilities, especially in difficult conditions. Share purpose has been associated with key approaches that trigger to the introduction of more innovative methods in the management (von Rueden, 2019). Leaders are supposed to formulate behaviors that other workers should embrace. In corroboration with personal responsibility, the company ensures management deploys integrity ways, which assist in solving complex issues. As such, Amazon requires that leaders should pay a lot of attention on behaviors to ensure all goals are achieved (Solanki, 2019). Working toward the goal has become a crucial aspect that has influenced the success of the company.

A New Leadership Paradigm

Technology development has become a crucial aspect of the New Reality leaders. The leaders use technology to influence how activities are conducted. Therefore, it has become easier for a person to understand how operations vary in various leadership levels. The New Reality leaders demonstrate vision and bravery, particularly in the digital transformation (von Rueden, 2019). The aspect has highly influenced how Amazon Inc. is performing throughout the world. On the other hand, the new leadership paradigm helps managers to enhance the well-being of the workers through communicating ways to improve and maintain their value. In Amazon, leaders put the services of the firms first before individual interest (Schwartz, 2017). The new leadership paradigm has assisted Amazon Inc. leaders in embracing transparency, which enhances workers happiness (Solanki, 2019). Through the action, leaders have managed to create an environment that engages workers, thus promoting work quality and retention.

The Leader-Follower Relationship

In matter associated with management, leaders are expected to be powerful, knowledgeable, influential, and hardworking. These aspects are perceived as key factors that influence the relationship between a leader and the follower. Usually, personality impacts the behaviors and management approach, which influence how leaders and followers integrate. Due to variation in personality, Amazon Inc. has a set of principles that impact the kind of behaviors a leader deploys when making a particular decision (Solanki, 2019). The principles ensure all parties are brought together to promote their relationship. Attitude assist leaders to develop feelings and belief toward workers. The action promotes a positive reaction, which creates a powerful relationship between leader and followers (Yu et al., 2016). Usually, the work performance in different levels of the organization highly relies on how leaders embrace values. Based on the management level, value assists leaders in shaping their vision to ensure they enhance their relationship with followers. According to Joseph et al. (201), decision-making style is a crucial aspect that impacts how leaders and workers interact. In this case, if the decision formulated highly focuses on leaders' values, an organization develops a weak relationship. In Amazon, decision-making style relies on the complex of the problem. Therefore, some decisions are made by senior leaders, while others engage workers. Engaging workers in decision-making style is a critical approach that promotes the relationship between leaders and workers (von Rueden, 2019). As such, it is much easier for them to make a critical choice, which assists in improving and solving complex issues within the organization. According to Joseph et al. (2017), the growth of Amazon has highly been influenced by the good relationship between workers and leaders. Additionally, a good relationship helps the company in recognizing and introducing a new system that impacts how the company engage in their productivity.

Traits, Talents, and Strength of Key Leaders. In Amazon, traits, talents, and strength are key aspects that are used to differentiate leaders based on the level of management. The key leaders are associated with confidence and integrity, especially when making a decision. Confidence gives followers trust, which influences how commands are followed (von Rueden, 2019). Additionally, these leaders are committed and passionate about various activities, particularly when introducing changes in both management and production. Commitment and passionate is perceived as a primary factor that influences the achievement of organization goals. Good communication is another trait that these leaders use during management. The ranking system in Amazon requires effective communication to ensure there is a connection from top to bottom (Joseph et al., 2017). When the company is introducing a change, leaders use their ability to communicate to inform workers about the effectiveness of a new system. This has been perceived as a key strength that leaders use in the success of the company (Anderson & Sun, 2017). Additionally, decision-making capabilities is another strength that leaders use, especially when solving complex issues. Through the strength, leaders introduce a new system, which ensures the company serves client needs basing on society demand. Amazon is one of the companies that highly relies on creativity and innovation (Solanki, 2019). Top leaders are so creative, and this has become a crucial aspect that pushes the company in the introduction of more innovative approaches. As such, creativity and innovation have assisted the company management in developing unique ideas, which plays a vital role in the success of the company. The kind of behaviors ensures the whole team operates as a block that helps to push various objectives to ensure its success.

Leadership Style. All parties in Amazon works as a block, and this requires a participative leadership style. Through the aspect, workers have managed to contribute critically to the establishment of decision. In most cases, the management engages experienced and skilled workers, who have spent more years in the company and understand the working environment. According to the contingency theory, the success of leaders depends on the kind of leadership style they apply and how it matches with the company demand (Yahaya & Ebrahim, 2016). In this case, the company demand is a crucial aspect that leaders consider before determining the kind of leadership style to use. In Amazon, leaders rely on a task-oriented approach to determine the kind of leadership style to use (Joseph et al., 2017). Through the aspect, leaders manage to establish a task structure that determines how decision are made. Additionally, the approach helps the leaders to build a powerful relationship, which influences how activities are conducted at all level.

Emotional Ability

Emotional intelligence is a crucial aspect that determines the effectiveness of the leaders. In this case, effective leaders have a powerful comprehension of how their emotions impact work performance. Therefore, participation is determined by how leaders control their emotions, especially when directing commands. The direction of the company depends on how leaders drive their emotions (von Rueden, 2019). For instance, top leaders are expected to drive emotion in the right direction to ensure everything work according to the company demand. Additionally, a good emotional application has been associated with the good relationship that the company has embraced (Joseph et al., 2017). Hence, emotional understanding helps the company in attaining the goals, which has promoted a good outcome. The cognition reasoning and decision making are a key aspect in the mental model that leaders use to adjust their emotion (Solanki, 2019). Cognitive reasoning assist leaders in embracing new systems, which ensures emotion does not impact how the company operates.

Ethical Challenges

Despite the success of the Amazon leadership system, there are various ethical challenges that hinder the performance. For instance, some leaders have been accused of having a person issues with particular individuals. The aspect hinders how activities and communication are done. Due to the condition, these leaders tend to manipulate and use their power to bully others (von Rueden, 2019). As a way of controlling the ethical challenge, the company encourage any person experiencing such a condition to report. Discrimination is another common ethical challenge that some leaders face, especially bases on sex, race, or originality (Joseph et al., 2017). The condition affects how other leaders engage in decision making approaches. To control the condition, the company encourages diversity, which brings people from different ethnic groups around the world. Exhibition of moral leadership has become an essential approach toward the embracement of moral tones. As such, moral leadership helps leaders to motivate and persuade workers, which helps to create a good working environment.

Worker Effectiveness

The success of Amazon leadership is not only based on leaders, but workers play a great role. The company employs workers who possess critical thinking skills. The aspects help workers to assist leaders in solving complex issues, which hinders the company performance (von Rueden, 2019). Additionally, most workers possess good communication skills, which contribution in sharing information, and this promotes team relationship. Good communication skills have been associated with personal and organization growth due to effective sharing and collaborating in solving complex conditions. Communication and critical thinking skills are perceived as a key approach to the formation of effective followers (Solanki, 2019). Therefore, it is easier for a worker to participate in team performance, which helps to push the organization goals. However, lack of commitment has become a critical aspect that hinders leader-follower relationship. In this case, some workers appear to b...

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