Research Article Synopsis on Plasmapheresis

Date:  2021-04-20 21:06:47
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The two scholarly articles are recent works. Suzanne Falck medically recently reviewed the work originally done by David Heitz and Neel Duggal on 9TH January 2017. The report contains up to date broad range of information about plasmapheresis. The second article from Medscape was updated on 29th August 2016, and it comprehensively covers the topic on plasmapheresis. The materials settled for are from 2016 and 2017 making them pass the rule the literature has to be within five years, and it contains information that is relevant to plasmapheresis.

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PIO/PICO questions

1. Does plasmapheresis treat autoimmune disorders?

For this particular question, 6,234 articles were found from a thorough search in different databases. As expected, some items were duplicates with minimal changes. Some others were from sources that are not credible and therefore inadmissible in the research. Members of the health profession and scholar had credit for the bulk of the work. The five years rule proved a challenge in admitting some interesting research findings and data that I discovered. In my search, I settled for the most recent sources that comprehensively cover the topic on plasmapheresis. Some other articles just had a mention of the word plasmapheresis and therefore, appeared in the search results. On taking a look at such items, I discovered that they had no significant information on plasmapheresis and will whatsoever be of no help in my search for details to answer the PICO question. The inclusion of AND and OR in the keyword search increased the accuracy and assisted in narrowing down.

2. What are the side effects of plasmapheresis?

In this section, the search returned a staggering 8,654 results in article search. I presume it is because of the simplicity of the topic. As usual, we had those duplicated materials, those whose authors are not health practitioners, the five years rule constraint are some major factors that led me to settle on sources on plasmapheresis. Using AND and OR in the search returned the more relevant sources.

Additional filters on both questions

I resolved to employ advanced search and limit my search while applying filters. Filters on publication year, language, species, and the article type proved to be significant in narrowing down the search. The years were restricted to comply with the under five years requirement; species was narrowed down to human only, English was my preferred language while on type I chose to settle on scholarly journal articles, research articles and reports, systematical reviewed and peer reviewed document were those favored in the search.

Application of the filters cut the number to 203 items. I then had to seek further means through which the number can be reduced. Checking on the author served well, and those articles whose authors were not medical practitioners were eliminated from the search. After doing away with duplicates, 27 articles resulted. I also checked on the availability of proper introduction and abstract, and this gave final four results to choose. The last step was to settle on the articles that comprehensively addressed my PICO concerns on plasmapheresis. The second question had a reduction of search results from 8,654 to 507, to 103 and finally 16.The items chosen are:

1. Written by David Heitz and Neel Duggal Medically Reviewed by. (n.d.). Plasmapheresis: What to Expect. Retrieved March 09, 2017, from

2. Plasmapheresis. (2017, January 06). Retrieved March 09, 2017, from

Research databases

The search led me to PubMed, NCIB, Medscape, Academic Edition and EMBASE.



Autoimmune Disorders

Side effects



Written by David Heitz and Neel Duggal Medically Reviewed by. (n.d.). Plasmapheresis: What to Expect. Retrieved March 09, 2017, from

Plasmapheresis. (2017, January 06). Retrieved March 09, 2017, from

Sauk Valley Community College - Home. (2017, March 22). Retrieved March 22, 2017, from

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