Reflection on the Marketing Course Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-20

What was learnt during the Course?

I have found this semester exciting based on topics I have learned so far. The topics that I found to be compelling relates to the market structure, technology in marketing, as well as the trends and demands in the marketing job. The topics are interesting since with them I am able to have adequate knowledge in the contemporary marketing strategies, the influence of the technology towards promoting modern marketing. As well as promoting competitive marketing.

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Participating in discussions helps to generate more ideas about the subject matter. People tend to exchange ideas when discussing important things. When we speak up during the class discussion, we learn how to express our ideas in a manner that others might understand. When we are asked questions, we are able to acquire information to promote our understanding of the subject matter (Kee & Yazdanifard, 2015).

However, what I have realized to be unclear during the course is the role that marketing can play during the recession period. Furthermore, how unfair marketing can be mitigated through social media since there are no legitimate laws that govern social media Ads that may be considered to be offensive or spreading racism. Having a clear image of those ideas will considerably prepare my professional perspective towards elevating the marketing strategies together with ensuring that I do not breach any laws and that I can effectively counter the emerging modern marketing strategies. Definitely, there are some of the approaches, such as survey and interviews that I believe could yield some valuable information related to the course that will promote our understanding to the subject matter (Kee & Yazdanifard, 2015).

Classmates Posts

Post #1

Through this post, I learned the interpersonal skill together with the numeracy and ability skills applicable in marketing. The question that I had for the post is if the numeracy data shows that there is a decline of the economy in country X, what would be the impact if a marketer changes the marketing strategy and focuses on country Y to promote the competitive advantages. I wanted some clarification on the influence of the interpersonal skills and how can be applied on the virtual marketing platforms. Similarities between my classmate's post to that of mine are that they focus on the skills to attract new market segments and determine the trend on the market. Whereas the difference is that they mine is more focused on the online and virtual marketing while that is my classmate deals with the marketing skills.

Post #2

Through the second post, I learned that the trade unions have a unified trade and marketing policies that accommodate most of the country within a given trading community. However, I had a question on the influence of the trade union where you are marketing and yet you are not a member, during the recession. I wanted clarification on the legitimate action taken by the trade union when one applies marketing skills that are the breach to the policies. The similarity of my classmates posting compared to mine is that are both focusing on marketing beyond the local market, and the difference is that my posts are more on how the invention can promote the marketing beyond the local markets.


Kee, A. W. A., & Yazdanifard, R. (2015). The review of content marketing as a new trend in marketing practices. International Journal of Management, Accounting, and Economics, 2(9), 1055-1064.

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