Reasons for Choosing Radiologic Technology as a Program of Study

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Date:  2022-05-09

Radiologic technology study is a program that deals in with imaging of the human anatomy for the diagnosis and treatment of pathology. The main reason for choosing this study is to save more lives as some people die of some problems that could have been identified by the use of x-ray machines. The radiologist technician is in charge of positioning the patient well in the machine and also guiding the patient through all the necessary steps. While growing up, my personal interests have been on human anatomy and, radiologic technology offered a very good chance to study and understand anatomy. This is because it requires a very good knowledge of the human body to be able to diagnose a problem which is inside the body.

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This being advanced technology, it offers you a chance to be part of it and where possible contribute in making it more advanced. Many young people today are into technology and love machines and I am no exceptional. Combining this with my interests in anatomy, this program offers a chance where I can do both of them at the same time. It requires the knowledge in machinery to be able to operate equipment even at medical centers. This field also is very open to many job opportunities. In today's world, you will need a sustainable job to live well. In 2006, radiologic technologists held approximately 196,000 jobs and the figures rose to 241,700 in 2016 and more opportunities are arising every single day. This is because many hospitals today are adopting the use of advanced equipment in to offer the best services possible and most importantly to save more lives. Radiologic technology also presents a perfect opportunity to examine some of the problems in the human body without having to undergo surgery. This technology helps in saving time and also resources. This career also requires patience and hard work as sometimes you be required to stand for many hours conducting diagnosis but this may not be a hindrance since with dedication nothing is impossible

For work or internship experience i haven't had any so far but I have had a personal interaction. This occurred when I took my mom to the doctor to have an x-ray about her arm. When the doctor learned that I was studying radiologic technology, she let me be involved in the process by helping her identify what was wrong with the arm. We found out that she had a strain of the right trapezius muscle. This small opportunity gave me a chance to learn a lot from the whole process. Being a student, of course, I had to know what had caused the problem and what could be offered as a cure. Strain in this area is caused by repetitive stress on the region by performing tasks using the shoulder repetitively. Some of the symptoms which my mother had experienced were a pain in the muscles of the arms, which I learnt that it is radiated from the shoulders to the back of the neck. The pain also caused restlessness during sleep and also the inability to perform the daily tasks. In some cases, trapezius strain may cause swelling in the affected area and can also lead to headaches.

The most important part was the diagnosis where she was put on the x-ray machine to look at the structures of the region and also rule out if there could be any other causes of the strain and pain. The physician however had to look at a detailed history to find out if any activities requiring constant movement of the arms were conducted. After the diagnosis process, the doctor offered treatment. This included some anti-inflammatories to calm down the pain and the inflammation in the area. She also recommended that after the inflammation is down, she should do physical therapy to the affected shoulder to enhance faster healing.

This whole process gave me a detailed experience of what radiologic technology involves in real life experience. It also allowed me to apply what was studied in class and put it into practice.


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