Essay Example on Kids Confidence and Working Better: A Scene Explained

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Date:  2023-08-28


By watching the kid's scene, there is learning that when one feels confident and well, they tend to work better. The kids did obey their teacher and astoundingly followed every order even when doing the exercise with the adults. With the negative comments from Ms. Elliot, the adults, not even one, stood up to the ground and argued with her because they would have made the condition worse. One feels hopeless when there is discrimination against them, and even if spoken, there is a feeling that it would not mean anything with their words.

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Values and Ethical Issues

There is dedication in watching Ms. Elliott program from section one through three, whereby she adheres to the value of equality that in most effective way tires to teach her children. The video with skilled editing shows when discriminated against how there is hurting with children when we see the expression and perceive what they said. When the lesson is over with moral principles, the children are happy again, and there is a conclusion that one is relieved when the children seem to understand the experience. To the adults, there was belief perseverance whereby they keep their own beliefs and ignore the evidence while they face difficulties in accepting that they discriminate against people.

Effectiveness of the Experiment

The experiment was useful in that it teaches about discrimination, prejudice, and stereotyping. It covers a social problem that, for a long time, people have been working hard to eradicate and realize. The experiment uses children who seem to make real changes as the world changes slow. As in Elliott's research, the most effective way to control society is through her activities to teach children to stop discrimination. The experiment gives understanding when divided how people view each other in a racial context.

The Exercise for a 3rd-Grade Class at the Time in History

The exercise was appropriate for a 3rd-grade class because it is a very effective way to show racism and discrimination to children. It teaches them that people were created equal, and it is not right to judge whereby no one is different from the next. The exercise shows how a young impressionable child can easily be in training to be familiar with discrimination and ordinarily on how to judge others. In the early stages of life, every child needs to learn that under the sun, everyone is equal.

Appropriateness of the Experiment Today

The experiment is appropriate because the entire society today has adverse effects in connection to discrimination and stereotyping. Institutions and individuals today perpetuate inequality in concepts rather than basing knowledge to make evaluations and judgments (MacKinnon & Fiala, 2018, pg. 306). Generally, discrimination is widespread among people of all genders, and a similar experiment would open minds to different cultures.


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