Pursuing a Master Program Criminology Essay Example

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Date:  2022-12-20

Generally, the class was interesting because it exposed me to the knowledge necessary to achieve my career objectives. However, I enjoyed the fact that the class gave us the opportunity to witness first-hand practice of criminology. In one of the class assignments, we were instructed to follow an investigator while undertaking his duties in the field. I enjoyed the experience even if I was not accorded the chance to contribute my skills and expertise. I acquired much knowledge and skills necessary for identifying and charging guilty criminals. The assignment also enabled me to identify the major motivating factors for engagement in criminal activities. For example, during a visit to one of the poor neighborhoods, most young people joined gangs due to lack of opportunities. The class also provided the participate in volunteer work in the criminal justice club. The opportunity enabled me to visit various correctional centers and reason behind the prevalence of offending.

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Despite the benefits associated with undertaking an undergrad in criminology, I realized that securing a befitting job is a serious challenge. There exist limited vacancies for candidates with an undergrad certificate in criminology. Most organizations employ such candidates as either interns or volunteers. Other firms accept the candidates in positions where their impact on the profession is very limited. In some cases, candidates with an undergraduate certificate receive little pay for their services. Therefore, to address the challenge of securing a befitting job, the program is perfect for me. With such credentials, I would be able to secure a higher position in the field of criminology where I can influence policymaking. The position also comes with additional benefits such as higher salaries and allowances.

A master in criminology would also enhance my ability to contribute to social change and reduce the burden on the criminal justice. Currently, the justice system reports a surge in the number of children convicted of criminal acts. Therefore, after completing my master degree, I plan to serve as a mentor in the juvenile system. My responsibility would be rehabilitating juveniles who engage in criminal offending and ensure their successful integration back into society as good citizens. The move would lead to a decline in the prevalence of criminal activities in the society. Also, it would lead to the rise in population of youths participating in constructive activities that benefit the society. However, to enhance effective service delivery as a mentor, adequate knowledge regarding juvenile offending would be required. Therefore, in my master's studies, I plan to explore a topic on contributing factors for juvenile delinquency with emphasis on the immediate environment. Based on the knowledge acquired, I can offer the right solution to addressing the rising number of children in the juvenile system.


My daily work schedule would drive my progress in the degree program. The schedule is flexible to create time for pursuing my studies despite the existence of life demands. It will create adequate time daily to undertake my class assignment without interfering with normal routine. For example, through the schedule, every afternoon at around one p.m., I would dedicate my time to weeks assignments and still find time to take a nap and access social media sites. However, given the nature of the schedule, I can redesign it to create more time for studying the degree program and for example, forgoing some time for taking a nap for personal studies.

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