Essay on Border Security: An In-Depth Analysis of U.S. Immigration Issues

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Date:  2023-06-06


Border security is a book co-authored by Phelps, Dailey, and Koenigsberg. The book shows different issues in all aspects of border security. It is well structured, gives information concerning country borders at depth. It provides enough information concerning all the controversial issues of immigration. The book also has explained U.S border security broadly and how today's problems on borders are solved from the historical viewpoint. It argues that both border and homeland security are essential and critical sections. I support the argument, as stated by the book because for several reasons.

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Interconnectedness of Border and Homeland Security

It is evident from the book that homeland and border security have played a significant role in ensuring that people are safe within a state. The primary goal is to ensure that all the citizens in a country well-taken care if and are living peacefully. This shows the great importance of both border and homeland security because all the people belong to the same government within a state, and they deserve equal care. The book denotes that; border security cannot work well if it is not in collaboration with homeland security because their goal is the same. The department of homeland security ensures that there is safety within the country by providing the workforce to ensure borders are safe.

It is clear that, through homeland security, there is increased control of immigrations in several countries, including the United States. It has ensured that through border patrols as it has also been in the historical events, this has helped control the migration of illegal citizens of various countries. It discourages the movements because if there are movements of restricted citizens may cause harm to other native citizens through attacks. Both securities ensure the safety of the native citizens by making sure there are no drugs and weapons which have crossed into the countries via borders. This is done at all the boundaries of the state. May it be land, sea, or air.

Countering Terrorism: Collaborative Efforts

The department of homeland security and border security have always been fighting against terrorism and security attacks. Technology has played a big part in ensuring that new equipment to detect and identify explosives is obtained. It is through technology that, tools and devices of protecting the workforce involved have been acquired. It has been facilitated by ensuring there is a restriction of transnational criminal organizations, individuals, or groups with intentions to carry out terrorism. Border security has always ensured that entry into another country is legal and authorized people to move between countries' borders have got the required documentation.

Defining Borders: Security and Inspection

It is pointed out that border security is majorly between different countries where the countries separate from the other. There usually are walls separating countries from the other and providing specific points of entry to ensure inspection of goods and people entering the country. This has ensured that there are thorough checks to allow the authorized items and people to the country. It has reduced the external attacks security threats from outside the country. On the other hand, homeland security has ensured that there is interior safety to the people within the state by ensuring that there are rule and regulation which govern the citizens. This has ensured that the relation of people is at peace. It is so evident that both homeland and border security is equally important because they aim at safeguarding people.

Economic Impacts of Border and Homeland Security

Through the set rules and regulations, it is clear that those who go against the homeland and border laws are fined. Both security sectors serve as sources of income to the government. The funds collected from the security departments can be used by the government to invest in various projects to increase the country's earning. Through border security, there is a payment of taxes for the goods transported into the country hence serving as a source of revenue. There is also currency exchange, which serves as sources of income at borders. It is proved that both homeland and border security can serve as sources of finance to the state.

Border and homeland securities have created employment opportunities for citizens. They both require personnel to ensure that there is attention to all the occurrences, which might result in disasters. They are equally of benefit to the citizens because through them, and some citizens earn from working under their programs. It is through the security sectors that, warning of how to react to certain pandemics are given. Through the enforcement of the law, the security department ensures that all the citizens of the state adhere to government measures. For example, issues to do with disease outbreaks, which are easily transmitted, such as the Coronavirus, the homeland, and border security, will ensure that people adhere to what the government puts across.


In conclusion, both homeland and border security play a crucial role in every state. They are both essential, and in the absence of one, there can be a failure in other parts. The main aim of both us to ensure there is safety and people live in peace. Technology has improved over time and has assisted in fully committing to the work of ensuring safety. A country without either of the security sector can be prone to terrorisms and attacks. They both remain to be crucial sectors in all the states because they control almost all the activities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Essay:

Q1. What is the primary focus of Phelps, Dailey, and Koenigsberg's book Border Security?

A1: "Border Security" covers an expansive spectrum of issues related to border security, providing in-depth details about country borders and their associated challenges as well as exploring immigration-related controversies - while providing an historical analysis of U.S. border security measures.

Q2: Why is collaboration between border security and homeland security so crucial?

A2: Border security and homeland security share a mutual goal: protecting the wellbeing and safety of citizens within their nation. Border security regulates movements across borders while homeland security focuses on maintaining safety within national boundaries. Their collaboration is essential in combatting threats, illegal immigration, or criminal activities which threaten national security.

Q3: How do border security and homeland security contribute to controlling immigration?

A3: Border security plays a key role in controlling illegal immigrants crossing national boundaries through mechanisms like border patrols. Homeland security provides regulations and measures that govern immigration processes while also identifying potential threats, thus contributing to improving immigration control while upholding national security. Both sectors work hand in hand to achieve their respective goals of increasing control while safeguarding national security.

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