Public Relations Campaign Project Paper Example

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Date:  2022-11-07


Public relations is the maintenance of a favorable public image of an organization or a person. The reputation that a company has affects the types of customers that they get which in turn affects the profit that they make. In the case where the reputation is good, then the organization is bound to make more profit. In addition to making a profit, good public relations makes it assured that the customers will keep coming even in future as long as the image is not tarnished. This paper is a public relations campaign for PNC Bank, an organization that is devoted to providing people with an easier means of banking and other online mobile solutions to many banking projects.

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The company has a main mission of providing the people who associate with them with the best care facilities. Among the core values that the organization has, there is integrity, respect and teamwork all which work are aimed at improving the customer experience, using diversity as a means to grow bigger and perform to world-class standards. The bank also recognizes their abilities and relates them to those of other institutions. The value makes it easier for the bank to either help those in need of their expertise or accept aid from those who have superior experience or methods to solve problems the problems that it faces (PNC, 2019).

Organizational Analysis

The bank has several strengths which have served in their favour. One of the most significant ones is the ranking of the bank in the Fortune top 500 companies. With such a good reputation, it is easier for it to attract more customers. In addition to that, it has very well-developed financial solutions for the diverse financial needs of their clients. The offers that the organization has made it possible to retain many customers as they do not have to look for solutions for their financial solutions in other institutions. The institution is also one of the largest financial institutions and has enough capital to cover for the exposure to risks.

The company has one major weakness; many of the loans that it has been commercial and mortgage loans which have a relatively high non-interest expense. A non-intrest expense is an operating expense of a bank or another financial institution that is classified as a credit loss. It is associated with salaries that the organization has, rent, taxes, professional benefits among others. There are several opportunities that the organization has such as the growing demand for mobile banking which serves as a good chance to grow and increase the scope that the bank offers online services.

The financial institution is also faced by several threats that affect the core functioning of the business. One of the major ones is the competition that comes from other similar financial institutions. The competition limits the chances that PNC has in the market ("PNC Financial Services SWOT Analysis | Competitors & USP | BrandGuide | MBA Skool-Study.Learn.Share.", 2019).


The company as noted above has a high margin of non-interest expenses. The issue reduces the net income that the institution makes. The solution to this problem is finding a means that it can cut down on some of the expenses such as rent. In addition to that, the bank could reduce the sources of non-interest expenses and income. To deal with competition, the bank should ensure that it has a dominance in the market by ensuring proper customer care relations. In addition to this, it could advertise itself as well as ensure continued development of the scope of facilities that they offer.


This campaign is best addressed to the management of the institution due to the content that it has. It offers a good explanation to some of the strengths weaknesses, and even solutions to the threats that the organization faces.


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