Effective Communication: Key to Survival in the Global Village - Essay Example

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Date:  2023-10-25

Communication has become a burning issue in the current society of raising the slogan of the global village. The world is now a global village, and an individual can't survive alone. Human beings have turned out to be social animals who cannot overcome worldly activities (Jablin & Putnam, 2000). To fulfill daily activities, a man needs help from other people, and communicating plays a significant role. Human beings spend most of their time communicating through writing, reading, talking, or listening. Everyone across the globe needs assistance and support from others (May 2012). Communication is defined as the process of sending and receiving messages, and no one can communicate alone. Communication is an essential part of an organization as it increases coordination and encourages team-work among members.

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Managers can offer their insight on what an organization is supposed to attain, in my opinion. Such a platform enables the subordinates to communicate what they perceive as a critical deterrent to attaining organizational goals. Some consider other goals to be too optimistic, and it’s not possible to attain them. In a large department, it is not wise to consider managerial change at the start of a new year. Unfortunately, this is a similar situation that I observed at the start of 2019 in my team. Throughout the year of 2019, my team at “Valvoline Instant Oil Change” and I would transition together from old operations to a team-oriented human resources approach. What was realized later in the department are difficult but successful transition managerial styles which were not there in the past.

By the end of 2017, the Support Team department had made some questionable decisions, but the new circumstance was worse. A change was made across thirty technicians, and as a result, was a fifty percent increase in budgetary consumption. The department manager made this change, and the assistant manager entered into a yelling match with the chief financial officer.

The new executives of Valvoline Instant Oil Change inquired of me on employee sentiments amongst the Support team members. I was able to answer this question, not as the head of employee development, but because I had many close work companions. At this point, I noted that employees were disgruntled with their manager’s decision. Managers were conducting their roles based on previous management styles, where the company was considered a system that is operating without consideration of the individual.

Since I was in management for four years, the CEO appointed me to fix the current issues. I agreed reluctantly but took over the team at the start of 2019. I started by scraping all the existing policies, and I also expected collaboration from all employees. I made it clear that everyone will be held liable for his/her conclusions, but I would always support them.

There are several concepts from the book that can be used to describe the above scenario. The old management, as discussed above, present human beings as cogs which can be replaced easily and complex tasks within the department can be re-structured to certain workflows which are operated by the method always (Miller, 2015). The idea that team members should make decisions on their leads to appropriate ways for human beings to accomplish their organizational needs (Miller, 2015). Enhancing team-based meetings encourages a participative organization, where every member is involved in decision making, and the entire group sets goals. In simple terms, all organizational members are strongly valued and respected (Miller, 2015, 51).

I was previously unaware of the organizational communication concepts that controlled my efforts to implement change, as I have explained above. I have come to realize that unlike other managers who were influenced by the machine metaphor, my team management leadership style was based on helping technicians feel happy and contended. The team management leadership style is also to be thanked for focusing on human resources because such changes bring a positive impact on the company’s efficiency. Hopefully, this text carries important lessons for other organizations as well.


Organizations with the best communication strategies have a good platform to enhance effectiveness in its operation. Every department in an organization should understand that communication means are the principal issues that should be handled. Consequently, everyone should be aware that the effectiveness of the communication channels greatly impacts teamwork development. Since departments are compositions of different people who are supposed to work in the same manner, all members should have a commonality of purpose. Successful organizations understand that communication is a limitation to the attainment of goals. Therefore, the purpose of identifying the restrictions requires that the stakeholders understand the significance of communicating of the idea of limitations. Organizational leadership should make sure that all constraints related to the communication process have been removed from the organization to improve its overall performance.


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