Program Reflection Paper Example: Business Analytics and Marketing Analytics

Paper Type:  Personal statement
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  626 Words
Date:  2022-10-23

I am often described as a fast learner, a person who has a vibrant character and ambitious personality. After receiving BA in Applied English at Ming Chuan University, I relocated to Denver where I attend the University of Denver, for MA in Marketing Communication. During these two years, I have not only built my strong marketing pieces of knowledge and intensive business frameworks but also acquired practical experience and skills during my internship in marketing. I became interested in Business Analytic-Marketing Analytics track after my internship and academic experience. I even purchased business analytics. I believe with the knowledge acquired during my academic year will serve an important aspect in my advancement from novice data analyst to an expert. I am aware it will take time but it is worth it.

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Business Analytics has helped me identify mistakes and make good decisions to create value to our esteemed customers. At some point, I was a content marketing intern in the marketing firm located in Downtown Denver where we worked closely with Comcast. One of their featured product Xfinity was greatly in demand. In order to achieve our target as the content team, we needed to update our list each week, create different TV shows and movies collections to attract our target audiences. As a result, we need to choose the top 30 TV shows and movies among the thousands of titles. The most efficient way to select the popular ones is to check the raw data of each title first. By checking the key merits such as view rate, time on page, download rate and purchase rate. We can immediately select the popular titles then update onto our collections. After that, we create visualization dashboards for each merit. By doing so, we make our data to be more organize and easy to read. By analyzing the data first, it highly increased the working efficiency. Therefore, our client, who occasionally are Comcast, are always amazed by our efficient working and enjoy working together with us. As a result, this successful content marketing project was a major motivation for applying Business Analytics.

To gain a deeper understanding of business analytics from an academic perspective, I registered for classes in Marketing Analytics, Marketing Process and Principle and Digital Marketing at the University of Denver to help me to strengthen my knowledge in marketing and also build my foundation in data analytics. In the Marketing Analytics class, I retrieved substantial amounts of practical experience from marketing analytics such as incorporating measures in website traffic, developed a performance measurement system for marketing channels, estimated usage patterns and conducted market research. When I participated with the in-class projects, I could think on how I could apply those marketing analytics skills into the industrial workshop a then I can come up with some creative and precise suggestion for the company I work for. Hence, my involvement in marketing analytics shows me my passion into marketing analytics and enhance my desire to apply my second master.


My short-term goal is to be a professional in business analytics, especially in Structured Data Modeling & Analysis given through this program. After building the fundamental knowledge of business analytics, I am going to look for an internship in the business analytics industry to put the skills into practice in the real-world workforce. After graduation, I aspire to be an experience data specialist working with the international company such as IBM, Arrow Electronics and Johnson & Johnson. My long-term goal is to establish a plant-based chain market in Asia. I believe after acquiring experience and skills in business analytics pieces of knowledge from CU Boulder, I will be able to focus on gaining new insights, driving business planning and understanding business performance based on statistical and data methods.

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