Paper Example on IT Management: Concepts & Services

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Date:  2023-02-12


IT management can be defined as the technological control of business operations through staffing, budgeting, and organizing. It involves software developments, network planning, and technical support. Several concepts are crucial in the understanding of IT management and service provision. This paper defines and explains IT management, stakeholders, and their service in the management.

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The IT Management Concept

The IT service management also abbreviated as (ITSM), is defined as a way in which business entities or organizations, ensures that they gain a lot of profits from the usage of information technology to the maximum levels(Bourne,2016). The ITSM concepts make Information technology, the significant option of bringing in the profits, and other values needed by the organization (Liebowitz& Frank, 2016). The process of delivering benefits needs the presence of both the internal and the external IT service provider, who shall engage customers, and manage the associated risks and the costs. This concept of IT service management is part of an entire service ordered. It starts with the initial stages of planning.

Importance of Stakeholders in Service Management

The first importance of the stakeholders is their role in defining a service. They describe the success of any service and rates the performance. The service portfolio exercises caution. Projects by IT need the involvement of marketing before it can be implemented. Without following the procedure, a project fails. The stakeholders are tasked with the deployment of any service. They should always be informed of the progress of any service implemented all through a project. When the information is continuously given to the stakeholders, they feel like a part of the delivery team.

Information Management System

The information management system is part of IT management. It involves the statuses and conditions such as the performance of the business; it indicates if the business direction if it is deteriorating or progressing. The IT systems help in providing reports of costs, profits, losses which are accessible by the management for decision making. However, the information system does not give the decision itself. It only offered essential information which needs assessment and ensured it is for timely decision making.

Customer Relationship Management

IT management provides a strategy which is used to record data of past customer potentials in an organization. The data is then managed and interacted with the current. The task is done by software which includes the integrated information systems. It helps the organization to ensure that all the customer relate functions such as sales, marketing, which provide that previous potential customers are served adequately. The most critical role of customer relationship management in IT management is it manages all the customer information, store, and circulates with many other applicable tools.

Any organization has to communicate with different types of stakeholders.IT management come in and provide an initiate with the delivery of projects and change more efficiently and accurately. Its management, in general, provides the stakeholders with the opportunity to be accountable, informed, and insightful suggestions about the IT initiative.


In conclusion, IT management and stakeholders is an essential element of an organization. For proper delivery of services which takes the hand of different stakeholders, there is the need for IT provisions. The highlighted IT managements and stakeholders reflects a few areas where the concept is essential in organizations.IT management, however, may come with some manageable limitations. The advantages surpass the projected boundaries, which makes it the right option for many organizationsyu


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