Critical Thinking Example on Internet Demerits

Paper Type:  Critical thinking
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  587 Words
Date:  2021-06-23

Q 1.The textbook author believes that the new technology will create material inequities due to the sense that the internet has marshaled access to information and made it so simple to gain any information for free that would otherwise been paid for in previous ages where internet penetration did not exist. This is evident when the author says that: For millions of people, the internet means free copies of music, videos and other forms of detached human expression.

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Q 2.Open culture movement leads to a flattening status in society as it demotes the human values and believes that human beings used to subscribe to before the existence and emergence of technology and the internet at large. The author is quoted saying that: the second failure is behavioral. It naturally happens that the designs that celebrate the noosphere and other ideals of cybernetic totalism tend to undervalue humans. This is to mean that the internet has emerged to dictate the way of living and co- existence of the millions of people who subscribe to its everyday use. This is made possible by the use of social media which has become a way of life and millions of people cannot survive without it, as they rely on it for their day- to- day activities.

Q 3.The world today is very ambitious and therefore it would be a difficult aspect to find people who can deliver services for free and do a better job than people who are paid. This can also be owed to the fact that the world today provides better opportunities than in the past and high paying jobs that sustain lavish living.

Q 4.Artists, writers, and filmmakers in the world today are hugely affected by the rapid spread and embracement of technology and the internet at large. This is due to the fact that songs, movies, and videos that are produced, acted, performed by these lot of people is freely available on the internet which various sites and hackers have developed ways of making these productions free to every person that can access the internet. This is contrary to the yester years where artists, writers, and filmmakers used to rake in a lot of money from their talent and efforts. Piracy is another vice that has heavily affected these people as it has been made rampant by the embracement and spread of the internet as the author describes.

Q 5.The internet has brought about more good than bad. In short its demerits outweigh its merits.

The internet has affected the culture of the population at large in the sense that people have lost morals as a result of its spread.

The population in the world today has developed a trait in which they have developed over- reliance in the internet and hence developed a poor habit of addiction.

The internet has also increased the spread of crime and heinous vices in the world.

People have also lost their privacy of information and existence as a result of the internet.

The internet has also led most people to doubt their religion and faith as a result of negative influence.

The author has reiterated on the fact that the internet has led to people developing a certain over- reliance and belief that they even take their lives.

It is through the internet that teenagers and kids are losing direction in life.

The author has also highlighted that the internet has led to lose of jobs as manpower and labor is decreased.

The internet has affected the economy negatively.

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