One Thing I'm Afraid to Lose Essay

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Date:  2022-04-15

A positive attitude has played an important role in my life. My achievements in this world have been made possible through the goals that I have set for myself over the recent years. I have also learned that when one establishes a positive influence towards every aspect of life from personal development plans to work-related goals, progress can be achieved without hindrance. A positive attitude is also essential, especially when relating to others as it enhances motivation. The reason for this is because practicing this kind of attitude and approach helps to bring out the best in other people as well as creating a sociable environment. For purposes of enhancing a positive attitude towards various targets and goals, a personal development plan is necessary. Developing such a plan is essential because it tends to focus on key areas of general improvement.

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Solving personal management problems requires competent skills such as time management, avoiding procrastination as well as laziness and networking. Time management skills can identify and provide a solution for personal time management problems. As I have learned, having a good time management skill ensures self-control and also coping with everyday stress and energy levels. Also, time management has helped me to make progress in my personal, family as well as school life by maintaining the required balance.

Another important factor that contributes to effective management skills is avoiding procrastination and laziness. Procrastination and laziness tend to co-relate with each other. Some of the causes of procrastination include lack of clear goals, tasks which are too ambiguous and unclear standards for the task outcomes among others. Procrastination relates to setting aside the activities that are supposed to be done at the due moment. The ability to make a big difference regarding success is usually determined by recognizing the reasons and expressions that might arise as a result of procrastination. By doing so, it will have a profound impact and promptly gain control towards the different forms of procrastination.

Networking refers to the deliberate process of relationship building between individuals. In most cases, it is mainly concerned with the exchange of information and support among other factors. Usually, networking is based on long-term measures whereby individuals are fully conscious, ongoing and reciprocal. On the other hand, it is also considered as not spontaneous, unplanned or manipulative in any way. When considering networking as an alternative option, specific factors are applied such as decision-making skills and techniques as well as teamwork and team building essentials.

According to the various studies that I have carried out when using decision-making skills to solve various problems, it is important for an individual to select one course of action from diverse alternatives about their outcomes. For example, when encountering certain conflicts or dissatisfactions in making decisions, it is best to select one solution whereby the positive outcome can outweigh the losses. Finally, by accepting the consequences that come with the decision being made, an individual can achieve control over time management, success, and life.

Teamwork and team building essentials in networking play an essential role in creating awareness in both leadership and management roles. For example, to be an effective manager or entrepreneur, a person needs to understand better how all the team efforts can be directed towards a more sustainable goal. Good communication is also considered a viable option regarding assuring successful outcomes in teamwork efforts. When establishing team building ideas, techniques and tips, it is important to consider the following factors clarity, building trust with team members and honesty.

Developing a personal plan for improvement has also enabled me to gain creativity regarding how I plan and organize my goals. A good plan requires systematic process based on ideas which contribute to its success. This ability helps in organizing the kind of requirements that one needs to have for organizing a certain skill. For instance, organizing the requirements that are needed for a successful implementation of a plan such as conducting research is essential in self-learning and improving performance. This can be done through gathering information and analyzing the situation and nature of the issue.

Generating new ideas through creativity plays a vital role in self-development especially in matters related to solving a problem. When we come up with new approaches to handling a situation or problem, it is better also to apply any existing methods. This process may include applying methods such as logical reasoning and self-judgment for purposes of making a clearer, stable and firm decision. The logical reasoning usually involves using reasoning skill and logical thinking when confronted with an issue such as making an argument or statement. On the other hand, self-judgment reflects on the individual's performance as well as measurable corrective outcomes.

Personal development plan enhances positive attitude towards various aspects of life such as self-improvement, knowledge, and identity. These activities help in setting goals which in turn develop talents and potential for purposes of establishing an achievement. Long-term and short-term goals are some of the objectives that such a plan aims at developing. For instance, a short-term goal helps in improving performance to get better results over a certain period. Furthermore, a long-term goal enhances self-evaluation by determining the strengths and weaknesses and which areas need more focus for further growth and performance.

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