Precision Medicine: Principles, Challenges, and Impact on Cancer Treatment - Free Paper

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Date:  2023-12-18

What key events trigger PM?

Precision medicine (PM) proposes the customization of healthcare based on effective medical decisions, treatments as well as practices (Krzyszczyk et al. 81). The precision medicine is triggered by several significant events, including the availability of molecular profiling tests as well as the basis of genomic tests. Practicing precision medicine also depends on the knowledge bases that are available to assist the clinician in taking actions based on the test results.

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What are the underlying principles of PM? Discuss the appeal and challenges of adopting PM principles for patients as well as care providers.

The principles of precision medicine guide various activities including governance, transparency, as well as empowerment, and data sharing. Besides, the principles articulate a set of core values and responsible strategies for sustaining public trust while maximizing the benefits of PM. The underlying principles of PM include novel technologies, informatics, and practical clinical paradigms that help realize the promise of precision medicine. Adopting these PM principles has shown several challenges for patients as well as care providers. One of the challenges is the lack of dedicated infrastructure for effective diagnostic methods. Another challenge is based on the role of genomics which is imposed by the rapid flow of therapy, making it challenging to meet the need for personalized cancer prevention. Adopting the principles of PM is also hampered by a limiting factor for validation as well as commercialization of a discovered biomarker.

What drives PM’s success or failure? How is PM changing the practice of traditional medicine?

Insights and advances in technology drive the success of PM as it helps individuals grow more knowledgeable on human physiology. Being attention-grabbing areas of research, PM has developed based on the multidimensional prospects of the medicinal community. Besides, the informatics community has contributed to the success of PM with its enormous potential to exploit the technological perspective for common goals (Hinman et al. 59). However, the failures of PM have been manifested in a lack of ability to absorb the technicalities involved in drawing the relationship among different prospects. Challenges in developing informatics solutions have also contributed to the failure of PM. However, the concept of PM has changed the practice of traditional medicine by aligning the mainstream discipline with its launching for prevention and treatment. Through its technological advances and insights, it serves the right patient with the right drug while considering the molecular events accountable for the disease. Besides, PM provides a comprehensive treatment as it combines clinical data with population-based molecular profiling to make effective clinical decisions.

What significance does the PM have on personalizing cancer treatments for cancer patients?

Cancer is a devastating disease that takes the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Precision medicine plays a significant role in personalizing cancer treatments for cancer patients—PM helps in identifying disease heterogeneity as well as standard treatment, including chemotherapy. Besides, PM advancement has led to developed therapies for a single subject based on the captured data as well as physical health and environmental exposure (Cook et al. 568). As a result, it helps categorize patients into groups for different but clinically relevant purposes. The use of PM in treating cancer patients entails its efficiency in determining genetic predisposition to a disease. PM has the capability of identifying the patient's clinical trials helping the patient respond to a specific therapy.

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