Degree Help Achieve These Goals?

Date:  2021-04-22 03:17:04
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Career is defined as the actions and progress that one undertakes and undergoes throughout their lifetime and particularly those related to their occupations. A career, therefore, refers to the activity or activities that one specializes in during their professional years. A persons career includes work accomplished; titles earned, and reputation. In the contemporary world, many people are now opting to settle for more than one profession. For example, a lawyer can divide his working day in such a way that he can attend to his court proceedings and client meetings and during the evening, he lectures university students on a unit he is comfortable with. This art of diversifying ones potential capabilities has enabled many experts to achieve their many dreams without straining much. However, to establish ones career objectives, one has to perfect their area of specialty. In addition, they should set clear goals. This paper summarizes the various through which a business graduate can utilize their degree to create an unprecedented career.

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The first step involves identifying ones career goals. In business, the number of goals varies. However, I choose to be the best and most successful investment banker. However, to achieve this, I have to accomplish an array of goals. This includes acquiring as much clientele base as possible during my initial years as an employee of Querr and associates. This is one of the best investment firms in the country. During my final year in College, I was able to secure an internship with the firm that lasted for six months. After that, I was granted two years of employee operation after I graduated. So far, I have been able to accomplish one goal since I will be working with the firm immediately I graduate.

Once I am under their employment, I will work towards gaining as many client accounts as possible so that my managers can see my true value. This way, I can achieve my other goal that is extending my stay at the firm. Once I have done this, I will then move on to my next objective that entails acquiring a position as an executive with the firm. I would very much prefer to hold the position of the director in charge of analyzing the investment data in the firm. This docket accommodates the firms highest population of employees. Nevertheless, this exposure is all I need to understand how the vital operations of an investment firm are managed. Also, it provides me with the needed time to know the kind of people I will be taking charge of and how best to work with such professionals.

My business degree is the most important element if all that I have stated is to come to fruition. The subject has enabled me to identify the gap on investment banking in todays market. In addition, my learning experience equipped me with all the information I needed to know about barriers that exist in such markets. The business world also assists one in understanding the need for patience. As a result, I can understand my current position and compare it to my vision. This way, I can identify every factor that needs to be in place to achieve my vision. The business world is also very gradual. Therefore, following the required steps in a systematic way comes instinctively.

In conclusion, this article has elaborated on the various goals in a business world and the ways in which a business degree in the field can help one achieve the identified goals.

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