Personal Statement for Admission

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Date:  2021-03-06

My choice to join the University has been informed by so many factors and events that have happened in my personal and academic journey as well as my professional goals and objectives. Furthermore, my decision to study Intellectual Property LLM has also been shaped by different circumstances in my environment. After reflecting on some of the significant events that inclined me towards the field of law and in particular strengthened my desire to study at this esteemed University, I believe that my previous academic degrees in psychology as well as my profession experience as an intern at various legal and non-legal companies has been an important influence.

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As an intern, I had the opportunity to work with diverse organizations in different places, which has helped shape my global, view or perspective in dealing with legal issues. I have worked with organizations such as Mahmood Hussain (Dubai, UAE), Amarchand Mangaldas Sharadul Shroff & Co. (Delhi, India), and Al Tamimi & Company (Dubai, UAE), which are all law firms. On the other hand, as a psychologist, I have had the opportunity to work with established organizations such as the Dubai Autism Centre (Dubai, UAE), a medical center in Dubai and EMCOR Facilities Management Company (Dubai, UAE), a facilities services center in Dubai.

Besides, I have also worked in other capacities such as working as a dance instructor at DANS (Dubai, UAE) and working as a freelancer at Show Stoppers (Dubai, UAE). I have also had the experience of working in the hospitality industry having worked as an intern at the Deccan Plaza Hotel (Chennai, India). Working in these different places and in different capacities has been of great advantage for me because it has introduced me to a wide range of business practices, interactions with different kinds of people, and strengthened my problem solving approaches since I had to deal with different kinds of issues in each of the places I worked. Of great significance, however, is the fact that I was able to work come across a wide range of legal issues that characterized each of the industries I worked with in the different countries. This only strengthened my desire to study law in order to be in a position to help these organizations and similar companies to overcome these legal huddles. A degree in Intellectual Property LLM will go a long way in enriching my understanding of law and how it can be applied in different scenarios.

I acquired my first bachelors degree in psychology with human resource management from Middlesex University, Dubai, which later contributed immensely towards improving my professional practice as a therapist. Essentially, the degree gave me a strong foundation for communicating, understanding, and relating with patients in order to establish a perfect rapport that would facilitate the treatment process.

One other important factor in my education and professional development is having an understanding of my strengths and weaknesses as they as they pertain to different realms such as digital economy, technology, intellectual property, academia, and research. From this perspective, I have developed strong skills over the years to build on my strengths while also aiming at overcoming my weaknesses. With regards to my areas of strength, I have very strong people skills. This helps me to easily build strong relationships and establish rapports with the people I interact with form time to time. I am also empathetic and sympathetic with the people around me. This is important because it helps me be willing to help others overcome their challenges. I am also a team player since I contribute effectively in multidisciplinary teams or collaborative treatments to provide holistic patient care. I am also an outgoing, but reserved person. While I can interact with people easily, my reserved nature also allows me to draw back and concentrate on my own issues whenever necessary. Furthermore, I am very open minded, self-motivates, and hardworking. Most people will find me to be friendly as I do not push people around and I am not a control freak. Furthermore, I also have strong leadership skills. This does not however, imply that I have to be the one in charge in order to deliver. My desire to find and discover new knowledge helps me sustain my urge for research. Therefore, I take pride in compiling research papers, studying and making useful inferences that enhance my professional practice.

My professional and scholarly objectives and interests fit effectively within the broader field of Intellectual Property as well as the values of the University in particular. I have developed a strong interest in digital economy, technology, intellectual property. This is one area that I am passionate about and would like to research and write invoking articles to assist and awaken practitioners as well as spawn more advocacy on the methods of pain management. Furthermore, I strongly believe that the University will help develop and shape my vision through its values and transformative learning process. The impact of the University and its model will not only subject me to become a scholarly practitioner but the institution will inspire me to think outside of the box, and propel me to impact the world.

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