Free Report Example on John Hopkins Hosp.: Improving Ops. for Optimal Resource Use

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The purpose of this consultation is to seek details on the changes that John Hopkins Hospital may desire to be implemented or identify the areas where improvement is needed to ensure that the entity is operating effectively. When there are improvements, there is a great to understand that the company will manage to optimally use the limited resources available and reduce losses that may arise from the existence of an incompetent workforce. Therefore, by undertaking this consultation, it will be possible to effectively manage the health problems affecting society, as will be highlighted in the county health rankings. It will be possible to understand the measures that are undertaken by the various personnel in business to facilitate the changes in place.

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Overview of the Consultation Process

The consultation process will include holding an interview with a nurse supervisor of John Hopkins and the roles taken by the officer towards the running of the facility. The hospital has the organizational goals that it seeks to realize in the long term, and by taking the interview, the nurse will offer an insight into the objectives that the officer supports. The consultation process will seek to determine the various stakeholders that the nurse serves when undertaking various activities in the company. On the panning process, there is a need to seek the detail and knowledge of the nurse working on this institution on the areas that the officer feels needs changes and improvements. After scheduling an interview with the officer, there will be a great chance to get a better understanding of the areas that improvements are needed. The consultation process will be open for feedback and details on the measures that can be taken to realize growth and improvements. After the end of the consultation process, the feedback will be reviewed, and the findings will be made available to the relevant stakeholders for implementation.

Organizational Analysis

The John Hopkins organization is a medical facility that is used to offer treatment services to the people of the United States and other people from around the world. It also serves as a teaching facility and offers biomedical research facilities, and it is based in Baltimore, Maryland. The entity works on improving community health by raising the standards of excellence in the field of medical research, clinical care, and the research process. It has a wide range of activities that include offering patient-centered medicine in the process of diagnosing and treating human illness. It is estimated that the health care facility receives more than 80,000 patients weekly, and the doctors are around 1,700. In total, the number of workers handling the various operations in this hospital is estimated to have hit the 30,000 mark.

The hospital relies on the vertical organization structure due to the precision that is required in the process of executing the various job responsibilities in a company. There is a need to have multiple accountability layers to ensure that there is a clear flow of information and activities in the firm. The officers at the top chain of command have a better chance of controlling the activities that are being undertaken by their juniors. The leadership structure that is adopted by John Hopkins hospital has defined responsibilities and roles that every employee is required to meet. The ideas of the management are easily transmitted to the employees at the lower end of the echelon, and they rely on the middle managers to ensure that the various measures that they seek to realize are implemented. The hospital has a centralized decision-making procedure, and this helps to incorporate the ideas and opinions of all the workers. The employees are the ones that will be involved in the implementation of decisions passed in the hospital, and they are supposed to be incorporated in the decision-making process. The centralized model of business operations that is realized through the vertical organization structure leads to raised efficiency levels and improved collaboration among the various personnel that is involved in the working process. There is a clear path for the growth process and opportunities to further the development process of the various expertise levels.

The hospital attends to persons of all ages and regions, and the significant size of the company means that it is in a position to offer various services. Some of the services that the organization offers to its various client include the transplant of the various body parts. The orthopedics, urology, and plastic surgeons are among the other services that are provided by the John Hopkins hospital to the various patients visiting the facility. The wellness and prevention unit works towards ensuring that the society is provided with details on food and nutrition and the measures that people can take to ensure that they are maintaining their health and weight.

Primary Needs

The primary needs of the society that is served by John Hopkins are depicted by the services that the institution is offering. It is critical to note that the facility is involved in the management of wellness and the prevention of various illnesses. Weight management is one of the areas that the organization is working on meeting the needs of its various. It shows that weight issues are triggering the occurrences of various ailments, such as cardiovascular diseases. The health need is supported by the fact that the company is working on ensuring that heart health is realized. Communicable illnesses should be managed in the right way for a healthy society. Another problem that is affecting community served by John Hopkins is the way to assist the aged. There is a great need for the care-giving and the home care services for the aged. The different diseases affecting the society are many, and they keep mutating, and this is triggering the need to have a research facility that will seek new drugs (Pronovost et al., 2017b). The research center offered by the hospital is essential, and it is an indication that the society requires clinical investigations, such as the measures to take when there is a pandemic outbreak.

Nurse Leader Interview Summary

A nurse supervisor at the John Hopkins hospital will be approached, and the officer is responsible for managing staff members and ensuring that they are adhering to the policies and measures that are established by an entity. The nurse is expected to assign duties to the employees and monitor their operations to make sure that they are undertaking their duties diligently. When the hospital has a new set of employees, the training process is managed by the nurse supervisor, a move that enables the new recruit to have a conducive working environment and ability to capture a better training process. The role of a nurse supervisor aligns effectively with the responsibilities highlighted in “The Essentials of Master’s Education in Nursing.” An interface between patients and their guardian is created by the supervisor, as well as the physician and other staff members. The nurse has a high domain of influence in the hospital, considering that the physician is one given the duty of managing the other physicians and ensuring that they are undertaking their duties effectively. Additionally, the officer is also involved in the recruitment process, and this is an indication that the workers are in the image of the organizational policies that the nurse supervisor seeks to realize. The officer has an administrative role that provides the nurse will significant power to control the various business operations.

Characteristics of the Organization


John Hopkins hospital is in a better position to meet the various needs of society, and this is due to its wide network of research services that are enabling it to engage in clinical investigations. Students are getting a chance to undertake education activities and engage in the research process, and the platform enables them to raise their skills and knowledge in their respective fields. The hospital has an enhanced medical and patient care that is triggering a rise in the wellbeing of the various community members. The enriching of the medical care processes through science and research is a great move that is making the health care facility have the upper hand in the sector. Patients are assured of getting quality services in this facility, and the move makes the institutions hire highly qualified professionals in the industry. Having qualified personnel enhances further the operations and reputations of the institution (Hoyer et al., 2016). The organization supports people through the provision of wellness and prevention mechanisms, which is a move that is extended to the wide community, including the persons that are not seeking, for healthcare services in the institution.


The hospital has some various weaknesses that it should seek to find a solution to ensure that it is managing to realize its goals. One of the notable areas is the value of care provided to the patients. The institution is working on ensuring that it is servicing a wide society, and this is placing a lot of pressure on the available resources. The materials accessible by the entity cannot be adequate to meet the needs of all the patients that are visiting the hospital. The organization has been working on the optimization procedures, but the right mechanism has not been realized. The HCAHPS program can help to show the levels of satisfaction that the clients derive from the services offered by the company. There is a possibility that there are other hospitals in Maryland that are offering quality services than John Hopkins, and the figures they post should help to highlight the areas that the management of Hopkins should improve. Finance is another issue that is adversely affecting the operations of the hospital. Research is needed to ensure that the firm manages to continue running its operations in the right way (Pronovost et al., 2015). The research and development activities undertaken by the John Hopkins hospital require a lot of finances, and this is making it hard for the organization to manage its operations effectively.

Evidence-Based Practice

The Nursing Evidence-Based Practice systems that are adopted by Johns Hopkins is a program that is used in solving problems when in the process of the clinical decision-making process. It relies on three steps, which are the practice question, evidence, and translation, and it works towards ensuring that the outcomes of the latest studies are incorporated into the patient care process.

Quality Improvement Projects

The quality improvement projects should seek to ensure that the hospital is managing to realize its value. Some of the measures that the organization seeks to initiate to realize improvements include working on the employer health programs, and family health plans. The company relies on the best practices available and the national measures to facilitate the provision of high quality services to the various personnel that is working with the company. The other areas that the John Hopkins hospital seeks to find value and raise the operations are service excellence, organizational quality, business process improvements, members’ safety, and quality of care.


After this analysis on the John Hopkins hospital, it is critical to note that there are various sections that improvement is needed, and this include in the areas highlighted under weaknesses and the quality improvement projects. Seeking solutions in these areas will enable the health care unit to realize growth and manage to fulfill its goals.

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