Personal Statement for Master's Degree

Paper Type:  Personal statement
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Date:  2022-06-19


Master of Science in (name of the course) is one of the best courses offered at (name of the university). I chose this course because I want to acquire and broaden my theoretical knowledge and gain comprehensive business skills which will enable me get explicit insights that are vital in the working world. This course will enable me to learn financial applications, markets, current developments, and new techniques to gain hands-on experience. Also, I want to be an effective professional in finance and accounting who will solve challenging problems in any organisation. I have derived my motivation from the efficiency of finance professionals such as accountants, financial analysts, and auditors who are uniquely endowed with skills in the management of assets and can carry out an analysis of risks to ensure the success of a financial institution.

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I have shown dedication in my work and thus achieved outstanding academic excellence in my undergraduate studies because I studied every course with passion and gained significant insights that are vital in this program. With a bachelor's degree in Business Studies and Accounting and Finance, I believe I will bring along strong foundations, skills, and knowledge learnt to this University. I am an enthusiastic, self-motivated, and determined student in academics thus this course will impart the knowledge and instil practical learning experiences that will be instrumental in addressing the complex ideas surrounding the shifting financial landscape. I believe the course is going to instil the skills and knowledge in areas such as research, practical audit of information systems, taxation, and case studies as well as the preparation and interpretation of financial statements.

I consider myself an individual who is well-rounded and equipped with the skills that are required to prosper in the current environment in business. I gained relevant work experience by taking a job at a Real Estate Company where I attended business meetings, wrote minutes on behalf of the company, and analysed financial statements to ascertain the amount of profits that the company would make in various projects. In addition to this, I was a full-time employee at a retail and home improvement company for over six months in the department of finance. Also, I organised and attended annual general meeting as well as analysts' meetings for a retailing company. These duties allowed me to hone my skills and enabled me to communicate in a professional environment which will boost the understanding of the tenets of the course.

Also, I possess skills that are vital in succeeding in the course. For instance, I was an intern at a Civil Engineering Company where I was attached to the finance department. I prepared financial statements, reviewed the financial transactions made by the company for accuracy, and accounting ledgers under the guidance of the accountant. These roles have enhanced my natural skills in mathematics which is a great starting point in the course. Additionally, I maintained records of financial transactions using the installed software, keyed in financial data in the company's system under the instruction of the financial advisor of the company as well as ensuring that the tasks that I was assigned were completed in the given time frame. I believe that this responsibility will be significant as I undertake my studies and allow me to get in-depth knowledge of this course.

My experience as a financial analyst in the stock exchange has helped in developing confidence, creativity, responsibility, and resourcefulness in finance and accounting. This flexibility developed because I love reading business and economic articles in magazines, newspapers, and internet. Also, I played chess which enhanced my ability to solve problems. These skills are fundamental in this course, and I believe this program will boost them further.

My participation in volunteer work in the community enabled me to gain in-depth experience which broadened my perspective in work. During my undergraduate studies, I underwent a rewarding and unique experience that led to the development of my character, new skills, and experiences. I participated in charity events, took care of homeless children, and visited an orphanage which offered me the chance to make a difference in the lives of the people, the community, and the society in general. Additionally, I believe I made valuable, positive change, and lasting impact on the society. This involvement helped me in honing my soft skills such as social, communication, and time management. Joining (name of the university) would be an opportunity to challenge myself to discover hidden talents, achieve personal goals, and enhance my skills.

I love playing football and has been an excellent opportunity for me to show my leadership skills. Under my leadership as the captain of the team, my teamwork and skills in leadership were tested to the limit and were developed because I was tasked with inspiring the team even when the opponents seemed stronger than us. Furthermore, as a leader of the team, I objectively solved problems that arose. This responsibility cultivated my skills in multitasking which boosted my analytical and problem-solving skills that employers are looking for during recruitment. I see a great potential for the cultivation of leadership qualities and intellectual growth in this university.


My passion for this course makes me a suitable candidate for (name of the university). I have gained experience in finance and accounting and would relish an opportunity to become an integrated member of this University and enrich my knowledge further. My determination is to demonstrate my expertise, academic talents, and skills to contribute to the society after my studies. I keenly look forward to the demands of this program and excitedly anticipating the challenge as I am confident that I will learn, increase my knowledge base, and excel in the program. Due to my passion for this field, I offer my application, and I believe that my studies will be fruitful.

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