Personal Statement for Law School Admission

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Date:  2022-02-11


Since junior school, I have aspired to become a lawyer to help families with legal issues and especially those related to children. The pursuance of justice is something that drives my desire to become a lawyer and pursue Law as a significant career in the future. I want to become a lawyer to help such parents with the legal cases until they obtain justice from those concerned with the children's death or injury.

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I would do well in the law course at Singapore University based on my previous educational qualifications, work experience, and high interest to learn. I graduated from Temasek Polytechnic in the year 2013, with a Bachelor's degree in Law and management, honors qualification. Ever since I was a kid, the community established me as a person that adores learning, which has led to my perfect GPA. I attribute my academic excellence to the hard work and dedication of the thirst of knowledge and patience in learning new concepts. These attributes will contribute significantly to me becoming a great law student at Singapore University. Ideally, from what I have learned and understood over the past year, is that Law establishes a sense of fulfillment towards my responsibility to my community, family and nation; in other terms, Law promotes a sense of accomplishment that no other discipline or profession does.

Throughout my experience at the Temasek Polytechnic, I came to find out more about ethical relativism, and universal relativism, cubic operations and cubism, similes and syllogisms, statistics and philosophy, and brain structure and post-structuralism established a person's destiny and way of life. My main reason for joining the group was to assist disadvantaged students from neighboring institutions with basic disciplines such as Science, English, Mathematics, as well as their Mother Tongue. I believed that these students had the right to education and a decent livelihood irrespective of their physical disadvantage. Such experience steered me into becoming a Boy's Home Volunteer/Befriender since 2017.

While working as a Befriender, I had the opportunity to encounter clients who were involved in offenses due to different reasons, such as parental neglect, mental condition, and low self-esteem since childhood. The medical and psychological injustices were directed to the Singapore Boy's Home, where I spent two hours every fortnight (2 weeks) as a volunteer to act as a counselor to the troubled youths. During my volunteer work there, I improved on the interpersonal, communication skills, maturity, and positivity towards becoming a role model for the younger generation. I became a legal representative to the under-privileged members of the community by guiding, caring, and protecting their needs.

These fundamental ideas and knowledge I gathered through the experience taught me much about the world and myself, and in reality, and assisted in my transformation. Additionally, I came to understand that the lessons and research transformed my knowledge; therefore, unleashing my skills-sets and passion towards pursuing the Law as a career choice. Throughout contemplations, consultations, and research, I came to learn and understand that I love and enjoy social studies and statistics since the world is painted with black and white colors. Due to my love for social reviews and statistics, I was persuaded to pursue social sciences since it is directly related to Law. Furthermore, Law and social sciences establish the abstract doctrine of the real world and time applications. The mathematical approaches helped me learn that knowledge is useful for me in determining positive changes in different legal environments such as the environment, medicine, domestic and foreign policies, and political anomalies. It also dawned on me that Law is an established abstract that firmly relates to reality and furthermore it is an ideal means of establishing positive change.

I have gained working experience as a lawyer practicing in a law firm, "Name of the Law Firm," a regional company that specializes in criminal, family, civil, and tort issues. Ideally, during my service there, I had the opportunity to experience legal and ethical related cases of Law. These cases helped me learn how to handle issues related to tort, civil, criminal, and family law. I understood the population's confidence in the legal structure of Singapore. The same experience has affirmed my conviction of pursuing excellence that contributes to my aim of becoming a qualified law practitioner.

Additionally, my experience while working in the law firm helped me in learning how to analyze and explore aspects that make a competent lawyer. Knowledge and skills in critical thinking, confidence, excellent communication, patience, composure, and analysis of cases are crucial for a qualified and practicing lawyer. The opportunity to learn and experience practice law contributed to the desire of furthering my education at Singapore University of Social Sciences School of Law. Therefore, I would do well and be a great student while at university.

My experience of taking part in a candid, competitive, and highly ranked debate with an expert helped me to prove my proficiency and desire to pursue law education further. I represented my community as well as the high school in personal public speaking and debating competitions. Through such experience, I learned that there are different perspectives to problem-solving. To attain a solution to a problem, I came to understand that critical thinking while following the Law, speaking confidently, and establishing strong and supported arguments are useful to win cases. It is for such reasons that I came to realize and accept that my true calling was in Law.

During my leisure time, I go for canoe trips, hiking, and team management workshops that have contributed to my inspiration, motivation, and gaining ideal decision-making skills in times of dilemma. The activities have also added to my leadership and management skills needed by lawyers to make effective decisions and solutions to issues at hand. Such knowledge and experience have assisted me in understanding my capabilities since not only have I made life decisions, but also steered groups and other personalities to success in a time of challenges.

I accept that I am not perfect due to some mistakes made in the past, but through these challenges and bad decisions, I have learned the importance of change and become better in life. I have been able to create personal policies to govern my moves and decisions. In other terms, the challenges in life motivated me to research more about Law, and that convinced it is my true calling. It was through the profession that I had the opportunity to give back to the community as well as ensure that weak has a voice. Also, by providing that offenders are incarcerated, and justice was served in a manner that does not promote oppression, discrimination, and racism.

I believe that Singapore University Social Sciences would be the best for me to further my career and fulfill my purpose in society. Ideally, I prefer attending the SUSS School of Law due to its unparalleled reputation in terms of quality, faculty, and education system. The law education department at the school does not need to wait for their graduation timeline to receive admission and promote a positive impact on the community. Talking about the positive impact, life has showered me with the ability to study and understand a person's intention. Ideally, not just plans but why they act the way they do; thus, introducing psychology as a new profession that has been of quality interest.


In conclusion, I feel that Law is the perfect course for me because the course's aim aligns with what I am doing and what I want. My long-term career goal is becoming a judge of the High Court and pursuing a career in Law is the appropriate direction to meeting my goals in the future. At Singapore University, I believe that the institution has the course that aligns with my career goals, and I would be a great student there.

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