Essay Sample on Following Heart Desires

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Date:  2022-11-16


After keenly analyzing myself and knowing my area of interest and what I would like to pursue, I would like to study Public Relations. I firmly believe that I am in an excellent position to pursue this course because I would like to create some good relationship with many different people. My networking skills have helped me connect with many outstanding people hence I have strong confidence that pursuing public relations will allow me to achieve one of my greatest dreams. According to Mathis & Harris (2013), many people have become successful by following what their heart desires and for this reason, I will do my dream job.

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I will take the right steps in acquiring the Public relation job that is, and I will make sure that my internship program will be at a public relation office and make sure that I learn and acquire all the necessary knowledge required to become an excellent Public Relation accountant. As a young, talented and aggressive individual, I will not fear to approach the top leaders and ask them questions regarding their career during my internship period. I will also sacrifice most of my free time especially the weekends to at least spend it with one of the top leaders in the office particularly the manager to create and intensify our bond. Tomsho (2011) says that once one builds a strong relationship with the right people in an organization, the possibilities of getting a job is usually very high.

The experience of being the Public Relation Account Manager feels like one of the best experience ever. Working with people that are influential in a public relation organization will enable me to learn so many things that I have always wanted to know. Some of those things include how to effectively communicate to the public primarily through the media, how to become more influential in the society or among people and how to use the media to reach out to different people or rather clients. It also feels exciting familiarizing myself with the place of work because I can comfortably give a tour to clients who visit the organization.

In addition to this, learning other people's culture would be so fundamental as it would allow me to understand how different people relate to one another and how best to handle them. Mathis & Harris says that there is no good feeling like working in your dream job. Consequently, working in a place that I had been dying to be at will allow me to gain some of the best experiences I can never imagine. Also, working with professionals will help me in sharpening my thinking capacity and would enable me to bring out the best in me. Tomsho (2011) when you surround yourself with professionals, you become the next professional.

One dramatic failure that I may have while I am still at the job is managing the accounts. Honestly, ever since in high school, I have been performing so poor at mathematics. Therefore, when it comes to accounting, I may let my organization down and bring some setbacks in my career job. It would be regrettable and sad being fired in a place where you believed the future was bright and nicely shaped. However, I will do my best to ensure that my accounting skills are much improved to avoid unfortunate events from occurring.

Additionally, if the dramatic failure takes place, I will consider moving to either a music or movie industry since I am talent in both. Music has always been within me for a very long time thereby I will consider it as my second option. In fact, according to Mathis & Harris (2013), it is imperative to have many choices in life in case one thing fails you.


Mathis, K., & Harris, S. L. (2013). From success to significance: the 8 keys to achieving any goal or dream. New York, N.Y., Morgan James Pub. Tomsho, G. (2011). Guide to networking essentials.

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