Brief Synopsis of the Article on Patient-Centered Care

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Date:  2021-03-04

Patient-centered care has revolutionized the way patients are taken care of through its integration with technology. It enables patients to share information with their clinicians, family members, and other patients. Through information technology patients can control their health care with ease. Clinicians make use of information systems in sharing patient information with other clinicians as well as patients. The article seeks to explore positive changes in patient-centered care that are as a result of healthcare information system integration. Technology has brought changes in this are just like other areas of specialty that it impacts.

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Positive changes have been evident in many sectors of health care through the use of information systems in managing patient-centered care. It is thus unrealistic for scholars and researchers to criticize the impact of information technology towards patient-centered care since it has worked to ensure patients can access information that they could not previously access. Speeding the way that patient-centered care is offered too cannot be taken for graded.

The article is related to health care information systems in various ways. It takes into consideration being made by technology in the management if information data as well in aiding communication between clinicians and patients.

Purpose of the article

The article is meant to explore patient-centered care and appreciate the changes currently be experienced by medical information system by integrating it with technology. It explores the area by defining patient-centered care, exposing some of the trends in patient-centered care and looking at the role played by technology managing patient information.

Patient-centered care can be said to be any care that respects and responds to patient desires, values, and needs. Patient-centered health care enables family members and friends to feel appreciated and includes them in carrying for patients. All members listed in the definition are responsible for monitoring patient were about. Transitions between health care providers are well coordinated and efficient to ensure respect in patient-centered care.

Regarding patient's preferences is a priority in offering patient-centered health care. All members involved in providing patient-centered health care should ensure that patients are positive emotion wise. Decision made should be arrived at after inclusion of all parties that are involved in patient-centered care.

Evolution in the field of healthcare informatics is worth considering in patient-centered care since it involves acquiring, storing and using medical information. Health informatics facilitates the availability of crucial information to both the clinician and patients. The universe of information is behind the existence of patients and clinicians. Through Informatics developing a system that can help patients in providing information to their doctors becomes easy. Enabling the sharing of information by all members of patient-centered care teams can aid in sharing and updating critical information.

Healthcare IS concepts explored by the article

The article considers two important concepts in health care information systems which are electronic health records and personal health records. The ideas are essential in patient-centered care since they ensure the availability of patient information.

Electronic health records are crucial in the provision of patient centered care services. Feeding computers and other electronic devices in providing these services are essential since it ensures that retrieval of required information is easy. Clinicians and patients can also get more information from previously stored record hence giving credibility to the need to integrate electronic health records in the provision of patient-centered care. Most of the patients suffering from diseases that require patient-centered care such as cancer a well-served through their interaction with electronic health records. Creation of patient portals that patient can access information pertaining them and interact with clinicians. Electronic health records can also utilized in educating patients that help in preventing data biases. The decrease in the cost of acquiring and maintaining electronic health records may work to boost the efforts made towards promoting patient-centered care.

Personal health records is another concept related to health care information systems that the article explores on patient-centered care. The systems are electronically controlled and are utilized by patients in sharing and storing their information. Though the adoption of personal health records is slow probably due to the technology used it is important in implementing patient-centered care. Patients can receive information on their health by interacting with clinicians through tethered personal health records. The system, however, is viable given that is developed in a way that prioritizes patient confidentiality and privacy. Most of the personal health information systems are built with an aspect of cloud computing to enhance security on patient information. Though the use of personal health records is a new concept, it can be developed further to support fully patient-centered care.

Article recipients

The article based on patient-centered care is intended for generalist since it contains information relating to patients. Since this article has not previously been produced and affirmed by the medical fraternity, it serves as guidance, and the owner is not liable for any harm that it may have to the specialist. Technicians, especially in health informatics, can take the opportunities highlighted in the article to enhance its applicability in supporting patient-centered care.

Article sources

The article was written after having to develop after going through different books and articles pertaining patient-centered care and its relation to healthcare information systems. All the information in the article is thus justifiable since it is written from reliable and well-researched sources.

Applicability of the article

The article applies to many areas of study, especially in medicine-related areas. It applies to those people working towards the development up to date health care information system. The information is thus applicable to different areas of study and research especially those concerned with improving patient-centered care by improving medical information systems.

Applying the article in my HAP career

I will use the article in giving advice to those parties in developing better health care systems mainly aimed at supporting patient-centered care. Since the article is based on Patient-centered care, it can help me enhance e my ability in research thus increasing my career capabilities.

Impact of the article on health cares organization

The article revolves around patient-centered care which is an integral part of health care. Enhancing patient-centered care thus will translate to improving a health organization as a whole. The article thus has a positive impact especially towards the development of patient support systems aided by information technology.


Patient-centered care has changed the access to health information through enhancing patient to clinician communication. Healthcare information systems are part of the change since they have aided in its applicability.

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