Justifying My Need for John A. Weisz Scholarship in Adult-Genealogy

Paper Type:  Application letter
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  573 Words
Date:  2022-02-17

I would want to be a John A. scholar in adult-genealogy not only because I am passionate about the major, but I also hope to assist patients in acute care and emergency department. I firmly believe that securing John A. Weisz scholarship will give me an opportunity to expand my knowledge of and skills in critical care service delivery. Besides, I hope to join professional researchers so that I can grow as a person and become an accomplished Adult-genealogist. Research shows that the number of ill patients in inpatient hospitals continues to increase, hence the need for more acute care nurses. I want to be part of the team that provides high-quality care, ensures a reduced length of hospital stay, and makes patients and their families feel satisfied. I am a supporter of an integrated care system which emphasizes the involvement of patients and their families. Moreover, I want to contribute to the existing body of knowledge on adult-genealogy. This goal is grounded on the assumption that the best adult-genealogical practice is based on evidence and perfect understanding of acute care standards. Research on how emotional and social intelligence promotes patient-centered care limited. I have social intelligence skills and excellent communication skills that a nurse needs to provide quality care, but I would like to polish them profoundly. I want to employ these skills to establish a strong emotional bond with my patients. My vision is to be a nurse who patients see as their friend rather than a professional. It will be vital that I understand the feelings of patients and their views on the care services. In my opinion, acute care involves more than providing interventions. The program also pays particular attention to interdisciplinary collaboration for information sharing.

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My professional goal is to become adult-genealogical acute care nurse practitioner (AG ACNP). I choose adult-genealogy because it is a career that deals with people physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am usually dedicated to my work and an adamant supporter for the well-being of patients. AG ACNPs are allowed to diagnose and treat illnesses, and this mandate will enable me to understand the challenges patients encounter with medical procedures. The program will allow me to apply my communication skills and emotional intelligence skills in providing direct patient management throughout the care process. Moreover, the program offers a golden opportunity for nurses to continue monitoring the health of patients after discharge. I find this practice pertinent to my goal of improving my community by advocating for the best home-based care practices and by helping my community in addressing developing health issues. The AG ACNP program cannot be compared with any other in the field of nursing. I am interested in the program because it pays particular attention to critical care, emergency, and cardio-pulmonary trauma. These areas match my objective to manage the physical, mental, emotional health, and emergency conditions of people. The program offers the flexibility I need to acquire knowledge in various domains of hospitalized patient practice. Furthermore, the program deals with some of the areas of acute care that I am interested in, such as internal medicine, organ transplant, cardiology, and trauma. The program offers unique training and preparation that students of other programs do not have. Knowing how to manage them will be my most significant educational achievement. Therefore, receiving the scholarship will enable me to prepare me as a nurse practitioner in acute care involving an array of complex problems.

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