Child Observation Paper Example

Paper Type:  Case study
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Date:  2022-05-15

I started observing Jayson while playing with a friend. It was playtime which aimed to improve the psychosocial capability of the children. They were climbing on top of a lightly raised platform and jumping down. He kept telling his friend, "Look, I can jump faster than you." After jumping for about five times he seemed bored with the activity and decided to move over to where other classmates were holding hands. He asked them politely if he could join them to which they agreed. After some time, he appeared to coach them on how they would play while holding hands. The guided participation was evident at such instance as he took turns with a friend. Through their play, they were reciting some words that showed the mastery of letters of the alphabet. It was, therefore, an indication of the development of motor skills in Jayson. Being the leader of the group, he appeared to know the words better. He was also keen on making other members in his team feel included. Therefore, he exuded some level of biosocial development. The development would, therefore, enable him interact better with his peers and ensure that he was interested that they both experienced some level of fun together.

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Soon, he appeared to be bored and moved out of the group. He went to sit by himself, observing the other children as they were playing. He seemed to admire them and appeared to "miss" being part of them. The teacher came by and asked him why he was sitting along instead of choosing to play with his fellow students. He told the teacher that he was feeling hungry. The teacher told him that he could go in class to fetch his snacks. He obliged gladly, running towards class, depicting some level of emotional development. He was also able to apply some form of self-help by choosing the go to class to pick his snack He also offered to pick a snack for one of his classmates. By choosing to tell the teacher that he was hungry, he was showing some level of assertiveness. He knew exactly, the problem he was experiencing and therefore, knew exactly how he could manage to move beyond the problem.

He also offered to share his snack with a friend, giving him a few pieces of the crisps. It was a mark of great concern on his part. It was also a depiction of the level of social development that he had gone through in which he was able to show a lot of care to other people. He also seemed to empathize with the fact that his friend was sitting by with nothing to eat while had had something. By doing so, Jayson, therefore, showed that he was more concerned with minding about the state of people around him.

Soon after, however, Jayson started fighting with his friend. He claimed that the friend has taken more crisps than he had allowed from him. He was full of anger and seemed very temperamental and aggressive. The teacher moved in quickly in a bid to save the situation. He was, therefore, able to involve Jayson and the friend in a conversation in which he informed them about the importance of building strong ties and friendship amongst one another. They were soon calm with each other and even willing to play with each other, after the incident.

Jason was soon jovial and talked with his friend while laughing. His level of communication development also seemed highly effective. For instance, he did not seem to shout at his friend but, rather, talked with one another in a calmer manner.

Soon, the play time was over and they had to assemble to sing a few songs before breaking for the day. Jayson was among the first children to run towards class, when requested by the teacher. He, therefore, seemed to be more responsive to some of the instructions given to him by the teacher. He sang together with his fellow children joyfully. Whether the happiness was because they were about to break or because of the good moments they had experienced at school, could not be easily ascertained. He, however, seemed to be impatient to reach home.

Jayson later on, held hands with his fellow children as they enjoyed the last moments together at school for that day. He ran towards his teacher to thank him for playing host towards them. He also bade farewell to the friend with whom he had fought just recently. He, therefore, appeared to be more forgiving to the friend and even keen on interacting with him later on when they come to school. Jayson, later on ran towards the bus-stop where they would board the school bus to home. He was competing with another child as they aimed to ascertain whom between the two was faster than the other. His competitive spirit, therefore, seemed to show a child who was keen on attaining a high level of development.

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