Article Analysis Essay on Nurse Burnout

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Date:  2023-01-16


Different articles have been published within the last years discussing the nurse burn out. The following discussion is a literature review of the three articles which focuses on the nurses' burnout syndrome, the nursing burnout interventions, and the determinants of the burnouts among the public medical facility nurses. The articles were acquired from the Shapiro Library, utilizing the CINAHL database and through Google Scholar. The keywords which were used to search for these articles were the "interventions," "syndrome," and the "determinants." The challenging factors were that the work was, and it was within the last ten years.

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Article One

The article, "Nursing Burnout Interventions: Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing" was published by Henry (2014). The objective of this intervention was to improve the physical and mental health of the nurses, promote patient satisfaction, and improve the organizational baseline through reduction of the related costs of burnouts. This article served as a reference to the leaders and nurses in the healthcare organizations who were interested in the implementation of the same programs. Nurses tend to reflect on the positive rewards and memories which comes from helping the patients suffering from cancer. The reduced reflection which results after witnessing family and patient suffering or death from the patients' results to burnouts and compassion fatigue. The burnout interventions for the nurses contributed to a positive outcome, which was measured by the comments of the clients (Henry, 2014). Therefore, organizations which implemented the burnout interventions experienced an improvement in patient satisfaction and reduction in the performance challenges.

Article Two

The article, "Determinants of burnout among public hospital nurses: Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing," was published by Spooner-Lane &Palton (2007). The objective of this study was to extend the peoples' knowledge concerning the primary determinants of burnouts among the nurses who were working in public hospitals. Also, it aimed at investigating the effect of the work support who were on stress-burnout relationships. The survey used the cross-sectional design to collect data from the three public hospitals which were located in South East Queensland. The study used a sample of 273 nursing staff members to measure the influence of the work stressors and work support on the burnout among the nurses in public hospitals. After the survey was completed, nurses reported that the experienced moderate levels of burnouts. Therefore, the regression analyses proofed that the sociodemographic factors played a minimal but an essential role in the prediction of burnouts (Spooner-Lane & Palton, 2007). Therefore, the results highlighted the need for the organizational interventions to minimize the workload which was placed upon the medical practitioners.

Article Three

The article," Burnout Syndrome in hospital nurses," was published by Holdren. Paul III & Coustasse (2015). The article defined burnout as the condition of physical, mental, and emotional stress, which led to severe pressure or tension at the workplace. The study indicated that the number of nurses who were suffering from burnout had risen, leading to a negative effect on the patients care, staffing shortages, and working environments. Therefore, the medical facilities should focus on the creation of a healthy working environment where the medical practitioners could feel supported by the management and their coworkers. Also, the medical facilities should utilize the stress management programs which addressed the burnout symptoms, thus assuring a safe nurse staffing pattern (Holdren. Paul III & Coustasse, 2015). The reduction in the nurses' burnouts helped in decreasing the states nursing staff shortages and assisted in the elimination of the costly expenses which were used to recruit the nursing staff.


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