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Date:  2021-03-30

Today, economics, finance, and related disciplines are the heart of globalization and innovation. The business domain is characterized by heightened competition which necessitates economic and financial skills. Looking back, the absence of a stable economy, policies, or sound financial decisions has brought many national economies and organizations to their knees not to mention the countless catastrophes across the world. Consequently, in light of this comprehension and armed with a great desire to excel, I am seeking to align myself with a degree programme and a learning institution that is positioned for strong growth. I am a talented and dedicated student with a remarkable hands-on-methodology, who progressively strives to attain the best results. I have the ability and skills to gather and analyse data and information and handle complex issues. Therefore, I believe a major in Economics and Finance is a right programme for me. Settling for this programme is not a decision that I have taken lightly. Furthermore, my interest in the world dynamics led me towards the field of economics from when I was in third grade.

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My vast knowledge and primary experience in economics and finance extends for several years now. First, I am an avid reader of economic journals and magazines such as The Economist and The Wall Street Journal. Reading these journals and periodicals has been instrumental in my comprehension of basic economic and financial sensibilities. I have developed a foundation that will prove immensely valuable to the comprehension microeconomic and macroeconomic theories as well as financial analysis. Second, I play a stock simulation game that creates a virtue online stock exchange platform. This game has been instrumental in my understanding of financial markets and the basics of stock exchange. Consequently, I am seeking to complement these skills with a professional skill set that will elevate my career and help me to meet my objectives. Third, as a French baccalaureate student, I have had a great deal of learning exposure. I am also reasonably au fait with mathematics at elevated levels as well as a vast array of other subjects. I believe a rich background and excellence in mathematics will enhance my understanding in financial mathematics as well as the mathematical representation of economic models and theories.

Additionally, I undertook an internship programme with a leading bank. This position empowered me to develop a specific experience as well as an imperative and transferable skill set in a financial environment. Most remarkably, I took an economic class in the tenth grade and excelled in it. It was my favourite and best subject and since then, my interest in the subject has implored me to take up economic and financial endeavours in which I have surpassed in equal measures. I believe that I am an open-minded and an all-around person with a hands-on methodology. Outside the classroom, I enjoy playing football, a game that I have played and cherished since I was a young boy. In addition to playing, I watch the English Premier League.

In synopsis, I realize that I am not alone in my quest. Be that as it may, my heightened desire to excel, my experience and core competencies in economics and finance, open-mindedness, coupled with the ability to gather and analyse data and information will prove to be immensely valuable. I possess not only the ability to take on the programme but also the fervour and zeal to ensure that I make the best out of it. Finally, I believe that the UK will be the most ideal for me as it will enable me to learn in English and expose me to an international spectrum of opportunities. What is more, today, UK is a global technological hub and is strategically placed at the heart of the European economic and financial domain. Additionally, I believe that after Brexit, the United Kingdom is set to undergo a series of transformative political, economic, and financial changes and developments that will see the region stand out as a force to reckon with. If anything, the UK is set to grow and develop as solitary region away from the European Union. Thus, studying in the UK during this historic and transformative era will give me a golden opportunity to learn and grasp the modern day economic and financial skills first-hand. In so doing, towards the successful completion of the programme, I will be better placed to end up a global economist, financial analyst or consultant, among a broad range of front-runner professions in the economic and finance industry.

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