Final Self-Assessment of a Future Clinical Psychologist - Personal Essay

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Date:  2021-06-15

Psychology is one area in which students have multiple career opportunities that they can select. For such measures to be successful, students need to incorporate certain criteria that make them outstanding. Based on the statistics, millions of students graduated every year making the job markets to flood. It is also evident that various institutions like to employ candidates with unique traits. In this paper, I will discuss some of my personalities, interest, skills, and values that I think would help me in my career path as a clinical psychologist. One of the skills that I possess throughout my education is being reliable. This relates to how I complete the task and responsibilities that have been assigned. Since I was young, I have always been dedicated to my assigned task and responsibilities. Through that measure, I was once rated the best performing students in high school. After I had completed my high school, I took a volunteer job in one of the institutions in my area. Within a few weeks after I enrolled in that institution, I was promoted to lead my team. This was after the management established that I was very reliable. One of the reasons as to why I consider myself reliable is the aspect of time management. I believe that time is one of the greatest resources that human could possess. Any time waste could not be recovered. As such, I ensure that I am always on time for my meetings and any task assigned to me.

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Through the many books of physiology that have read, I learnt that team building is one of the requirements for that career path. I believe that I am a good team player based on the past experienced. Unlike many people who cannot work effectively with others employees from different cultural backgrounds, I feel more motivated when I am surrounded with people from diverse environment. I believe that a person is likely to benefit a lot from such actions as they would be able to share ideas as well as task and responsibilities. This is one of the aspects of being a good team player. Also, with my communication skills, I can easily relate with anyone in my team. In psychology, a person must be able to be a good team player as he/she will have to work with people from diverse environment. I believe that being a team player also helps a person is the decision-making process. It is certain that in any organization, the management needs to make important decisions that would have a positive or a negative impact on the organisation. As such, a person must be willing to work with others to analyse the best decision that could be employed in given scenario for the benefit of the organisation.

Another trait that I believe that will ensure that I become a successful clinical psychologist is being hardworking. Since I was young, I have always been performing very well in my academic. This is because of the effort that I put to ensure that I become successful in the future. For instance, I used to spend my free times to research on some of the topics that I was not familiar with in class. Also, I used to follow up my teachers to get a detailed descriptions of a given subjects. When I was employed in that institution, I used to work very hard to ensure that my team becomes the best.

An effective psychologist must be a good listener. The job of a psychologist entails listening to the problem of a patient and trying to come up with the appropriate solution for it. I realized that for me to become a good listener, I need to research on the element that pertains to it. Psychologist must be very attentive to listen to all the issues presented by the patient. One of the ways of being a good listener is trying to create a good environment between the patient and the professional. As such, the psychologist must begin by trying to give the patient time to speak out his or her issuer without interrupting the patient. Such actions makes the patients feel that the information he/she is giving out is important. Also, the psychologist must try to use facial expression such as gestures to make the patient feel that he is following him or her.

Self-awareness is another personality that I possess which I believe would beneficial in becoming an effective psychologist. The aspect of self-awareness starts by identifying your strength and weakness. The strength could be used in achieving the best upon a given situation while the weakness should be used for the purpose of seeking how to improve on them. Based on that, I was able to identify my greatest strength is being a good communicator. Communication is a necessity for success of any organisation. It entails how roles and responsibilities are assigned and the procedures that need to be followed.

Another personality trait that I would use to be effective in my career as a clinical psychologist is being approachable. When I was promoted to lead my team, I ensured that I set up simple procedures on how my members could approach me even when faced with certain difficulties. Most employees tend to fear their team leaders as they are not approachable. For a person to be an effective psychologist, he/she needs to be easy to relate so that the patients could be free to share with him/her all their concerns. According to the scholar articles, a psychologist should make the patient feel relax. To achieve such measures, I used to joke with my team members on various occasions to make them feel relax when am around them.

My intended career path is being a clinical psychologist. The reason I chose that career path was due to the fact that many people are being affected by daily stresses of life yet they do not know to handle them. As such, it affects their mind and their reasoning capacity. If they cannot be helped, such people may end up being insane. The work of a clinical psychologist is to try to reason with such patients and help them find a lasting solution. One of the activities that I plan to engage is to visit various psychologist institutions and try to get more information from the professionals. As such, that information would impact me with the right skills that I would need in the future. Also, I would try to enroll in some of the volunteer programs to sharpen my various skills for the benefit of my future career. I also intend to on earning an MA in Clinical Psychology after a graduate.

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