Pennsylvania Department of Education Website Summary Reflection Paper

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Date:  2022-04-19


The Pennsylvania Department of Education website is an interactive educational platform showing the all-inclusive features of the courses and services offered at the university. The department website is the state electronic wing that coordinates government-sponsored public schools in Pennsylvania to maintain the database of associated data of the educational institutions. The initial on glance appearance of the website gives an interactive appeal of the expectations of detailed features that run in the education faculty. The pictorial representation shows exclusive engagement of learning activities. This none-crowded education platform entices the view of the enlightening options offered in the department. In a moment of understanding and insight, web page gives elaborate communicative features. This paper will reflect on the key concepts derived from the website to evaluate the essential application of the learning concepts and assessment strategies.

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On my initial reactions towards the website's assessment features was the relationship I cut between the pictorial and information ideas about the facilitation of the E-Wing of the school of education under the PA site. The website presentation of information shows very informative and thought-provoking presentations. Even though most of the data presented on the site reveals an agreeable element on the services offered in the public schools' portal, there were also some considerable points that I'd like to refute their presentations. First, corresponding to the provision of learners' resources at Pennsylvania education centers limits the accommodation of learner's efficiencies as opposed to private education facilitation. The website appeal to third-party viewers requires offering more apparent warmth to go overboard on public predicaments. On the other hand, the all-inclusiveness of the website gives a wide allay for online searchers of educative services to access the elaborate features provided for on the website. For instance, going through the teacher education program one learn so much information on the necessities required for teacher education courses offered in different public education centers under the department of education section. I learned from the website on the important segments that constitute teacher education and pedagogical skills. As a potential academician, the website exposes me to an in-depth understanding on the learning objectives that constitute the different levels of the learning phases offered in a majority of the public schools in the districts of Pennsylvania. Most importantly I learned about the essence of instructional skills acquired in teacher education.

Another interesting and informative feature on the website is the safe school's guidelines. In the detailed account, the website offered me an insightful understanding of the hazards schools safety toolkits as dictated by the State's education policy. On this account, I gained informative exposure to the parameters of safety and hazard in schools and simple demonstrative responses in reaction to eventualities in the learning environment. I feel that this informative platform gives even students a chance to learn about the precautious enhancement of child-friendly school environment. The detailed emergency management plan and policy guidelines offer an oversight basic school plan and stakeholders' roles in ensuring school safety and regulatory laws. This website gave me an impression on the detailed account of the school set up and the key stakeholders' individual roles in upholding better learning environment free of child endangerment. The website is a positive representation of the governmental efforts to learners' safety in the learning environment. This informative feature on the hazard and safety pinafore gave me an informed understanding of the precise operation of the public schools under the PA department of education.

Another enlightenment feature of the Pennsylvania Department of Education website is the equity and inclusion feature. This detailed nondiscriminatory concern gave me insightful understanding on the elaborate provision of all-inclusive education programs in the elementary to secondary education. the principles of this feature give much more than the obvious details presented on America's disability laws and nondiscriminatory policies and treaties adoptable not only in the Department of education umbrella public schools but, global perspective on the issue in both educational institutions and in working situations. From the interactive and detailed information presented on the site, I was able to gain contextual knowledge on the inclusive and equity policy and the school properties that enhance inclusion and none discriminative enrolment of all learners. This information also gave distinguishing between inclusions and offering special education in public schools. The informatory presentation in the website features provides a second party viewer's concrete understanding of the differences found in these special provisions necessary for formal education.

The schools feature on the website, enlightened me on the different categories of schools under the Pennsylvania Department of Education. This platform also offered the detailed information on the school's facilities, climate, contact, services, system, and plan. The information gives potential parents and other interested parties to gain insightful interaction with the different public schools under this umbrella to make an informed decision when selecting enrolment schools for their children. The graduate teachers also get enlightened on the different schools and essential elements that suit their pedagogical abilities and skills. In this account, I was able to understand the type of schools that are under the department and the relevant information pertaining to each institution. From this information, I am able to know the exert access point to get a certain level of institutional exposure in the group of educational institutions of different stages running from elementary to secondary and teacher education training. The information presented under is a feature also give informed data on the educational and curriculum procedure followed in each institution, therefore, I feel like the website serves as a one-stop shop for the knowledgeable finding of individually tailored needs.

For interactive purposes, the website offers hyperlinks to external additional information and social network exposure of the data presents. This integrative feature helps the readers on the site to get comprehensive information on the brief pointed features throughout the website's face. The hyperlink to linked pages and other sites ensures that the mother platform is not crowded with exhaustive information that could otherwise limit interactive engagement with the site features. Therefore individual browsers are able to access detailed information about specific information they are looking for by connecting with the hyperlink access points. The social network access points link the website user with the interactive social pages that offer feedback elements to users. Utilization of social network features offered on the web page gave me interactive understanding and added knowledge on the department of education provisions and operations.


In conclusion, an interactive engagement on the Pennsylvania Department of Education website offered me a clear viewpoint on the facilitation of education from elementary to secondary education as well as educator's education.


Pennsylvania Department of Education, Pennsylvania Information Management System (PIMS) Retrieved from

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