Parents: Key to Kids' School Success - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-01


A child's education ought to start at home. Parents act as the first teachers to their kids and it greatly helps mold their character. An effective balancing of education both at home and in school shapes up the actual learning process of a student. Fundamentally, every parent's utmost desire is to see their kids succeed in school. Therefore, studies indicate that parents who aid their children in their educational journey inspire and encourage them and it has been critical in the promotion of academic success. I believe that parental role cannot only be limited to home only but should include their engagement in school activities as well. Parental role in their children's education can be categorized into three essential roles, which are; cheerleader, teacher, and enforcer.

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Parents ought to acknowledge that acting as a cheerleader for their young one's education is vital. In supporting a child's education, a parent should ensure that before attending school, they are; well-fed, well-rested, and are adequately prepared to learn. The parents as a cheerleader should also strive to set up high expectation standards for their kids. To achieve these cheerleader goals parents need to help the children outside the school like by aiding them in their homework or finding them tutors if need be. Additionally, parents ought to have control of their child's school attendance by ensuring that it is consistent and is unnecessarily interfered with. The parents should also; maintain a positive attitude towards all learning activities and their kid's schools, always prioritize education above everything, be a positive role model, and usually be involved in their children's school matters.

Parents are termed as the first teachers to their children. Their parental role in education is ensuring that they endeavor to make home good learning premises. The parents can achieve this by limiting after school activities in a manner that learning is always treated as the priority. Co-curricular activities like sports, music, and others are essential for a child's development but should always be controlled with learning being treated as the priority. The use of electronic gadgets like phones and television ought to be minimized as well. They also need to institute familial routines that are favorable to learning activities at home. They should also engage in learning activities like reading together with their children and also monitoring their academic progress.

Parents' role as an enforcer is also hugely important to children's education. Kids cannot achieve learning success on their own. Consequently, the academic success of kids can be attributed to the parental role of keeping up the learning process of their young ones. This enforcer role can be achieved by the parents' insistence on eliminating distractions for their kids in their day to day learning. Parents need to ensure that learning is not interfered with by any social and economic factors. Technological interferences should also be minimized, where a kid ought to be taught the utmost importance of education over the use of electronic gadgets like phones, televisions, and gamepads. Parents role as an enforcer also entails the acknowledgment and rewarding of a learning effort and good educational achievement for children.


In conclusion, a kid's learning scale is linked to the role played by their parents. Cheerleader, teacher and enforcer roles are the parental roles that can be adopted by a parent to promote a child's education: In achieving these roles, parents ought to mainly act as a role model, be actively involved in their child's learning matters, provide appropriate learning atmosphere, and actively oversee all learning activities of their young ones to ensure learning is the priority.

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