Expected Outcomes of Application of Changes to Substitute Teachers Management (MOE)

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Date:  2022-10-03

The rapid impact of computer technology and networks cannot be just overlooked. Precisely, within schools today, the national rush to implement digital practices and technology and various other changes within the whole education sector have momentously impacted the overall teaching process. Moreover, most of the schools have been implementing several practices that have enabled simpler access to information (BURANT et al. 2010). These changes not only affect the student's themselves but also the teacher, the administration and every stakeholder, each in their different ways. To this end, this paper purposes to serve as an examination into the expected outcomes and benefits of a change in the school system in which the head decides to ditch paperwork and digitalizes operations. As such, the principal can now digitally monitor all the teachers and can consequently control the levels of absenteeism by the official teachers (SCHIFTER 2008).

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The outcomes of any changes affect individuals either positively or adversely, depending on the situation. This is why people need to be flexible, to adjust and be able to adapt to any changes, in such a way that they mitigate any risks of negative impacts as a result of changes. Accordingly, the move by a school head or administration to start using computers in the management of teacher records has several pros and outcome discussed herein (PRIESTLEY and BIESTA 2013).

The management of school records digitally involves automation of processes such as daily attendance registers, the use of computer to manage class records and the overall management of any administrative activities. When the tutor records are electronically managed, there is a tendency for higher levels of seriousness in which the official teachers struggle not to be caught up with absenteeism issues. (BAKER, 2016). By having a system of electronic management of attendance records, teachers will strive not to miss any of their lessons. This would result in an outcome in which the substitute teachers as well as the official teachers work hard to fulfil their respective duties. The students and the school as whole will thus benefit through increased attendance rates of the substitute teachers. (JOHNSON and HALLGARTEN 2002).

The introduction of digital management system can also benefit the school by simplifying the work of substitute teachers. One of the expected outcomes of electronic management of records in the school entails faster, more precise processes. By doing away with most of the paperwork and going digital, a school may make the work of a substitute easier. This means that the substitute teacher and the official teacher of a class can be in communication with each other to effectively discuss vital factors about the class and the lesson (MISHRA 2009). Through electronic management, teachers' class notes, class preparations, preferred lesson methods, parts of syllabus completed and even the current level of lessons become also easier to record and manage, thus, two teachers; substitute and official can share these between themselves, which will in turn result in better overall performance (CLYDE and DELOHERY 2004).

Also, such a change like embracing of technology in a school will bring about easier management of the substitute teachers themselves. Schools have fewer resources and thus faced with problems of managing the substitute teachers as well as the official tutors. However, by implementing a change in which the school does away with most of the paperwork, the school itself shall be able to cut down on these costs and efficiently manage the teachers and any of the schools' important resources per se. The expected outcome for the school as a result of electronic management of substitute teacher records is a stricter environment, that any 'lazy' or underperforming teachers might be written off and the best-performing ones rewarded. Therefore, there is expected to be some level of seriousness within everyday activities when the teachers are carrying out their respective roles which will bring about better teaching practices and school performance will be boosted.

Today, statistics reveal that there is a nationwide shortage of teachers, which have made students suffer. As result, most schools have been employing substitutes either on a daily or long-term basis. When the administration electronically manages records, it is easier to switch between substitutes effectively in case of any problems (PETERSON 1999). Impromptu changes can be made without much affecting the student since the school has all the required records, electronically stored and managed such that there would be no syllabus clashes in case a substitute teacher takes over from another. By having a system, therefore the principal can effectively manage the tutors hence better results in the teaching process.

Also, the management of the teachers records and information such as their qualifications, will make the work of the school principal easier to choose and contact the substitute teacher at any time as needed. This will greatly help school, since the principal already has the information, all they have to do is go through them and choose you to fill up for any official teacher depending on one's own qualification. The overall outcome is that the principal and the whole school administration has immediate access to crucial information about substitutes, that they will use any time to call up the teachers in case of any shortages (TAY and LIM 2013).


In conclusion, the end result of having a digital system for managing substitutes is poised to bring about numerous advantages to the school itself. The roles and qualifications of the substitutes and any personal information is made easily available, and the principal can make any important decisions easily by using such information. The overall performance of each individual student will thus improve due to effective flow of operations and processes as a result of technological implementation.


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