Performance Management at the University of Ghana Paper Example

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Date:  2022-11-20

Question#1: Please identify one component in the performance management process at the Balme Library that has not been implemented effectively

The process of performance management in Balme University mainly starts from time evolution without a proper form of provided mission or objectives. That is the main reason as to why the performance management within this institution seems to lack the fundamental components that include some of the basic functional awareness. One of the main components that I would like to address is the manner at which the organization or institution should work towards addressing their issue on performance management and employees evaluation. A good process of evaluating employees will help to ensure that the firm uses better mechanisms to determine the effort that the respective employee or member of the organization can deliver (Kearney, 2018).The performance evaluation should also take place especially in line with the organizational similar responsibilities and role. It is important that the organization come up with better strategies that it would use to enhance the level of awareness on the mechanisms that the firm or the library institution would use when evaluating their member's performance in the respective areas.

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Lack of proper KSAs (knowledge, skills, and abilities) is a clear indication that the management might not get the best result as per the expectation gave that without such aspect it is true that performance appraisal would not be meaningful. It, therefore, shows that the library managers seem that they have failed to use the best evaluation strategies towards obtaining their targets. Using single evaluation criteria might not lead to obtaining a good result given that it might only favor one profile and might not be considered honest and ethical when it comes to a better performance evaluation process.

Question#2: Describe how the poor implementation of the specific component you have chosen has a negative impact on the flow of the performance management process as a whole.

Lack of proper documentation system that will document the respective role of each of the organizational staffs is the fundamental reason behind the failure of the organization. It is important that the organization through the management come up with better communication strategies that will seek towards enhancing respect to every member of the employees. The supervisor can only assign employer a task that he can understand and give even additional information that will guide the manner that the employee will work on that task. Just like in the cases study, it is evident that the library through the management failed to come up with a system that will help in supervising the other members of the staffs towards the realization of the institutional key values and policies.

At some point, supervisors were picked at random to evaluate the employees without even having a good knowledge as per the requirement of the job. However, it is surprising to note that some of the employees could go without any supervision carried out on them. It is important to note that a proper supervision mechanism helps the organization and the employee's body to find ways to improve on their works and to put extra effort in their work (Cardy & Leonard, 2014). Similarly, the firm cannot use the same evaluation criteria upon different department towards obtaining a good result given that evaluation criteria should differ from one department to the next as the institution work towards obtaining good results that are in line with the performance of the employees and towards the realization of the institutional mission and vision. Moreover, it is important that the institution learn to realize that communication is an essential aspect of performance management when the firm wants their employees to deliver their best toward the success of the institution. Through proper communication, employees can understand what they should do and the manner to carry out specific tasks within the institution.

Qiestion#3: 3.Discuss what should be done to improve the implementation of the component you have chosen in question

It will be important that the institution come up with a better system of performance review. The employer should carry out a benchmarking process in which he compares and contrasts the performance of the employees who perform similar tasks and learn to appreciate those who have done good work. The important step that the library through the management should take is to come with a better way that they can document the structure of the library. Besides, it will be important that the management define the responsibilities and roles of each of the employees within the institution. In addition, it is important that the managers learn ways that they can discuss the future growth of the Library with the employees. The organization will then find it easy to evaluate the performance of the employees and will be lucky enough to register an improvement in the performance of the staffs (Van Dooren Bouckaert & Halligan, 2015). Besides, the firm can also come up with a performance appraisal form and give the employees a chance to evaluate themselves and learn where possible they should improve their effort.


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