Paper Sample on Nurse Educators: Bridging the Gap Between Clinical Expertise and Educational Competence

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Date:  2023-09-15


Typically, nurse educators frequently encounter problems in the execution of their roles since most of them are just clinicians that have recently graduated from Ph.D. programs or are from advanced practices lacking the education courses. It has been established that even expert clinicians do not possess essential skills that nurse educators should have. Therefore, it is necessary that these nurse educators be equipped with nursing competencies that composed of core abilities that are a requirement in fulfilling their roles. The eight competencies that nurse educators are supposed to be equipped with include

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Facilitation of learning

The nurse educators engage in creation of a learning environment for the students in classrooms, laboratories, and all the clinical settings in a bid for the learners to accomplish cognitive and psychomotor results that they desire (Fukada, 2018). I will impact the practice of competence by implementing different teaching strategies that follow learning needs, context, and the learner's outcomes. I will also use modern information and technology in a bid to provide support teaching and the process of learning throughout the curriculum. To practice the standards, I will involve critical nursing stakeholders and develop equal chances for students to enhance their nursing thinking.

Facilitate socialization and the development of the learners

I intend to help students to nurture their interaction skills and expected behaviors. I will provide different resources concerning the student's diversification, which will be essential in meeting their learning needs and courtesy of the person-identified learning style. To practice the standards, I will identify effects of the different styles of teaching and study their interpersonal interactions based on the learners' outcomes to know which style suits each one of them accurately.

Usage of assessment and evaluation strategies

Helps nurse educators know how their students fare on in the different domains of learning and clinical settings. To impact on the practice, I intend to provide to learners feedback that is thoughtful, constructive, and timely. To practice the standards, I will also use various assessment and evaluation data and strategies that align with the learners' goals and objectives.

Participate in curriculum design and evaluation of program outcomes

The above should be following the reflection to current trends and dynamics in health care in preparation for new clinicians to function with efficiency and effectiveness in different health care environments. To impact on the practice, I will maintain any form of partnerships based on the community or clinical that support educational goals and objectives for the learners. I will practice to the standards by regularly involving myself in curriculum revision processes with the outside constituents and learning models that spearhead relevant learning program outcomes.

Function as a change agent and a leader

I intend to establish a future nursing education and practice that is preferred by the students. The above will be achieved by enhancing cultural appreciation in pushing for changes within the different cultures (Agomoh et al., 2020). I will implement strategies for any organization that changes through the development of leadership skills to my juniors. I will also engage in the interdisciplinary programs to take care of students needs in healthcare and educational needs at different levels. I will practice the standards of change through interaction with my subjects and colleagues to understand their needs. I will also assess the various outcomes of change that have happened in previous years.

Pursue continuous quality improvement in the nurse educator role

I must maintain and remain committed to advancing quality to learners in various ways as recognition of career enhancement needs and activities. I should consider taking part in professional development programs following the effectiveness of my role. Mentoring and supporting faculty colleagues is also a necessary feedback assessment gained from students. I will practice to the standards through engagement in programs that improve interactions. Lastly, I will take into account the use of legal and ethical issues knowledge that is related to higher and nursing education.

Engage in Scholarships

It is acknowledged that scholarship is among the important parts of the nursing educator responsibilities, just like teaching. To impact the practice, I will take into account designing and executing scholarly activities and programs in the students' identified areas of specialization. I will demonstrate skills and knowledge in writing proposals for critical initiatives such as research, program development, and policy development. I will practice to the standards of the competency by relying on existing researched information and data to create designs in student teaching and examinaion practices. I will also portray the qualities of a scholar by being courageous in handling matters affecting the students, exhibiting integrity, and perseverance.

Function within the educational environment

it is mandatory that nurse educators are conversant with their educational settings. They carry out their practices through recognition of political, social, institutional, and economic forces to affect their responsibilities they are charged with. I will change the practice by engaging in the development of network collaborations and partnerships that are aimed at improving nursing influence in the in the learners environment (Fitgerald et al., 2020). I will integrate and teach the value of professionalism, respect, and caring in a bid to create a culture that fosters students' and teachers' development in all facets. In a bid to practice to the competence standards, I will train and regularly develop my skills and knowledge in the political, social, and economic arena. I will also assume a leadership role in the various levels of institutional governance for the proper control and monitoring of the students.


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