Paper Example on Tech in the Classroom: Benefits & Reflections

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Date:  2023-05-08

The use of a variety of tools such as tablets, laptops and computers shows that there are many alternatives to use in technology

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A use of a software can enable the students to do a lot of things

Teachers are irreplaceable but technology should only serve to assist them

Post Observation Reflections:

1. Technology Use in Classroom

This video shows the importance of using technology in the classroom. Some of the technological devices used are smart boards, and laptops. The use of smart boards enables the learner to participate in the learning process. Technology is a game changer in that it gives all the students an equal platform. While not all technology is encouraged, this video encourages the use of appropriate technology. For example, the use of technology such as Skype enables the interaction of schools and districts.

Suggestions for Improvement

There is the need to get better seats for the students to ensure that they do not get tired since they sit on the floor.

2. Melwood Kindergarten Technology Lesson

This video makes use of smart boards as essential tools in the classroom. The teacher makes use of graphics which the students are able to observe properly. The smart board produces a sound that rings when an item is picked. This not only paves way for the next step but also serves to entertain and motivate the learners.

Suggestions for Improvement

The board is placed to high so that the students do not reach the top of it. It should be lowered to ensure learners can reach it easily.

3. Teaching with Technology the "Wright" Way

This video shows the importance of using tablets, desktops and laptops in the classroom. The use of a variety of devices is good as the student can choose to use whichever he or she is comfortable with. The smart board also has an audio function which makes it easy for the students to pronounce words.

Suggestions for Improvement

The tablets are not enough for each learner and it is necessary that each learner gets his or her own tablet to make the learning process more effective.

4. How is Technology Transforming Teaching & Classrooms?

This video emphasizes on the use of white board, laptops and software in the teaching and learning activity. The use of software can make learners do different things at the same time. The video suggests that technology gives teachers the freedom to try out new things in the class and this improves the learning outcomes.

Suggestions for Improvement

The white boards being used are too high for the learners. Most of the learners cannot reach the higher parts of the white board. Learners should be given stands to enable them reach every part.

5. Should technology replace teachers?

This is a TED Talk that stresses on the need to use technology to assist the teacher but not to take his or her position. The speaker states that technology ought not to replace the teacher but make his or her work easier. The speaker suggests the need to utilize new model of instruction in the teaching process to make the process easier. Additionally, the speaker observes that technology breaks inequality and maximizes potential of children. Cognizant of this, it is essential for teachers to employ technology in the teaching activity to ensure that the learners benefit.

Suggestions for Improvement

The speaker needs to focus on the specific technologies that should be used. He needs to identify them and discuss them in detail.

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