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Date:  2023-07-21

Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Background Information

Throughout the world, education has become a crucial aspect that brings new ideas and skills to society. Currently, cities such as Dubai have highly invested in education through the introduction of technology systems, which enhances teaching and learning (Raja & Nagasubramani, 2018). In which, private schools have been associated with the lead institution in the technology application, and this has attracted many students. The success of these advanced systems has been enhanced by good educational leaders within the sector (Bartlett & Bartlett, 2016). Most of the leaders have been associated with a positive attitude, which has boosted the rate of technology introduction in schools. According to Baran et al. (2019), about 74 percent of all leaders, especially in private schools, believe that technology is a crucial aspect that improves both teaching and learning. As such, the application of the internet has improved the rate at which teachers integrate with students.

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Usually, the education system in Dubai is regulated by the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education and Knowledge and Human Development Authority. These authorities are mandated to formulate the curriculum system that students are supposed to follow (Goodchild & Speed, 2019). Technology application has become a crucial aspect the sectors are trying to introduce in the curriculum system (Raja &Nagasubramani, 2018). As such, the authority sectors have established strategies and policies that boost the application of technology in the teaching and learning program (Bartlett & Bartlett, 2016). The success of technology application is bounded on how principals have deployed the system in private schools.1.2 COVID 19 Impact on schools

At the end of the year 2019 and the beginning of 2020, the world has been in a standstill due to the rising cases of COVID 19. Due to the virus spread, schools have been closed, and students are spending their time home (Yang & Baldwin, 2020). Through the application of technology, it could be easier for the schools to continue with its learning programs. Students could be accessing learning materials through the application of distance learning tools and other technology devices. In the same way, assessing materials could be shared through the internet, and therefore, the approach could reduce the time that would be wasted for education before the world manage the epidemic (Ali & Equbal, 2020). Some of the institutions, especially private schools that have already adopted technology in learning programs, are continuing with education despite the closedown. Students who have access to technology will show positive outcomes when the learning programs resume normal (Yang & Baldwin, 2020). On the other hand, students who will face a challenge in accessing education materials during this period, it will become hard for them to catch up with those who have been learning. As a way of closing the gap, educational leaders are required to introduce the technology system in all learning institutions. According to the education quality control with the city, students who have access to learning technology have been associated with good school performance (Yang & Baldwin, 2020). The approach has helped in the creation of meaningful education in society.

1.3 Purpose of the Study

The aim of this study is to explore the role of principals in the future schools as a technology navy. As well as, list the challenges that may face principals in Dubai private schools when implementing these new educational technologies. The result of this study will help principals develop new paradigm in their schools that supports that depends mainly on technology. This research will provide recommendation that could reinforce the roles of principals in the implementation of technology in their schools. Additionally, it will explain various factors that revolve around educational leaders in the application of technology in the school programs. As such, the establishment of technology in private schools is based on educational leaders' attitude toward the system. The finding of the study will be directed to educational leaders, and this will influence their understanding of the importance of technology in learning and teaching programs. As such, the result will form a background structure that other researchers will use in further research on the topic.

1.4 Problem Statement

The application of technology navy in private schools has been associated with the growth and improvement of the education system. Due to a lack of leadership approach and policies in certain private schools in Dubai, most of them have not managed to embrace technology. In this case, principals have not fully embraced the system due to a lack of better procedures and action plans (Raja & Nagasubramani, 2018). Despite some strategies set toward the application of the technology, there is a little approach that educational leaders have done to its success. As such, the lack of better strategic approaches among principals in certain private schools in Dubai is perceived as a key challenge that hinders the establishment of educational technology in these schools.

1.5 Research Questions

  • What are the new roles of the educational leader as a technology navy in future schools?
  • To what extent do the principals of the private schools in Dubai adopt the technology navy paradigm?
  • What are the challenges facing private schools' principals in adopting new learning technologies?

1.6 Research Objectives

  • To identify the roles of technology navy in future schools in Dubai.
  • To investigate the role of principals as technology navy in the establishment of new learning systems in Dubai private schools.
  • To identify the challenges that may face the principals in Duabi private schools when implementing new learning technologies in the future schools.

1.7 Significance of the Study

The research is significant because of the scarcity of studies on the topic in the Arab World. The region may gain a lot of knowledge and information on the application of technology navy in the education system (Bartlett & Bartlett, 2016). As such, the study will offer recommendations and approaches that could reinforce the role of educational leaders in the application of technology navy in Dubai's future schools. The approach may provide a background understanding of how technology enhances the attainment of quality education (Raja & Nagasubramani, 2018). For many years, the government of Dubai has been striving to improve the quality of education in the nation. Hence, the study will influence educational leaders to introduce a new culture that emphasizes a high level of technology in the teaching and learning program. Furthermore, educational leaders will use the research to understand some of the barriers that have been hindering the application of technology in learning institutions, and how the approach has improved learning in schools that have already adopted the new system (Raja & Nagasubramani, 2018). As a way of changing with society, technology application has become a crucial system in all sectors. Hereafter, education is one of the sectors that can highly benefit from the introduction of the system. Most of the private schools, which have already adopted the technology system, have portrayed high performance. Education leaders are required to introduce the technology system to reduce the gap that exists between institutions that are using and those that have not adapted. The study will formulate a system that principals from private schools will use in the future to enhance learning.

1.8 Research Terminologies

Technology Navy: The best implementation of technology in schools. As well as, following a new paradigm the transform schools from the traditional way of teaching into implementing an educational technology.

The principals Roles: Integrating new technology into the curriculum and the classrooms (Berret, Murphy&Sullivan,2012).

-Implementing new paradigm in future schools that depends mainly on technology.

- Establishing short, midterm, and long-term goals and encourage initiatives that support the implementation of technology in the future schools in Dubai.

- Principals should communicate with the teachers, stakeholders, and stress the importance of using technology in teaching that supports students' achievement. (Samanciogu, Bsglibel, Kalman & Sincar ,2015).

-Personalized Learning: An educational approach that aims to customize learning for each students's strengths, needs intrest and skills.

-Role Model in the Technology Use: By being the leaders in using models of technology themselves

-Scarcity: The insufficiency of the research abut the role of principals as a technology navy in Dubai private schools compared with the demand.

-Educational Leaders: School Principal ,Vice principal , Subject Coordinator Other (leadership position)

Chapter 2: Literature Review

2.1 Introduction

There is a raise of concern on educational technology and the employment of technology in education. Educational technology is the use of software and the hardware to facilitate learning. It has been proven to be effective in facilitating learning and improved performance. The proce...

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