Paper Example on Smash Burger: Corporate Strategies Recommendations

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Date:  2022-06-04


Smash burger is a fast- casual hamburger restaurant in the United States. The restaurant was founded in Colorado in 2007. By February 2018, the restaurant had grown to have about 370 corporate and franchise-owned restaurants. During this time, it was reported that the restaurant was operating in almost 37states and had moved to about 9 countries. Over its year in operation, the restaurant had shown recommendable growth. The growth of the firm can be attributed to the corporate level strategies that the firm has been using. As much as the growth of the firm can be said to be tremendous, the restaurant still has room in the marketplace and can still improve its overall market share. To examine n how the restaurant can improve its market share, this paper, therefore, will provide a recommendation for the firm moving forward in terms of the corporate level strategies.

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Hickman, & Silva (2018), defines a corporate level strategy as that type of strategy which is normally aimed at the long-term position of a business. For example, corporate level s strategy might want to look at where an organization will be placed in the next ten years. With this in mind, it should, therefore, look at ways in which it can reach its aims. There is normally the various type of strategies; growth strategies, diversification strategy, and stability strategy.

For the smash burger restaurant, the best recommendation would fall into the category of the growth strategy. Through this kind of strategy, the restaurant will be able to look at ways in which it can improve or more revenues from the sale of goods and services that it provides to the market. The restaurant will at this point apply both the vertical and the horizon strategy so as to enhance effective growth. For the vertical strategy, it would much more beneficial for the smash burger to plant most of its produce. This will in turn ensure that the restaurant has taken the various component of its operation path. First, it will definitively cut the production costs. This is brought by the fact that the c sot of buying the raw material will have been significantly cut. Secondly, this strategy will significantly reduce the overreliance on the middlemen or the retailers. With the restaurant producing omen of its products, most of the raw material which is needed for the production will always be readily available in the organization. through this strategy, the restaurant would have also taken over some part of the supply chain and as such, it will be better placed in a apposition that it will able to control the quality of its products and services and the supply needs.


For the horizontal gritty growth strategy, it will only be prudent for the smash restaurant to expand to new geographical areas that it has not ventured into. This will ensure that it taps the lying market of that location and can significantly turn this into profits. Africa, today provides one of the coming markets for the restaurant industry. It provides market which has not been exploited by many players in this field. In light of this, with Smash burger venturing into the African market it will definitely increase its market share which translates to better and improved revenues for the restaurant.


Hickman, C. R., & Silva, M. A. (2018). Creating excellence: Managing corporate culture, strategy, and change in the new age. Routledge.

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