Essay Sample on Ethics and Leadership

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Date:  2022-11-24


Ethics act as the moral compass that guides the behavior of people around any cooperation. It is essential that the institutions have a set of rules that govern the interaction between their members and at the same time develops their moral standards (Crane & Matten, 2016).

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Definition of Leadership

Leadership is the control that a person has over other people or in an organization (Bolman &Deal, 2017). It has the role of controlling the resources and making decisions on behalf of the company. In addition to that, it allocates the different production resources to the various projects that the institution has. The leaders are also tasked with following up the implementation of the policies that the board of directors makes. This way, the objectives of the company can be achieved. Equifax is the case study of this paper. The values of leadership and ethics will be explained in detail, and further description will be made in the capstone proposal.

Ethical Considerations

It is essential that any organization considers the likes and dislikes that their clients have. In a case where the client is not satisfied, the company may lose, any of their current or potential customers. One of the most important aspects of ethics is the protection of the information that the organization has. It is very unethical that the data is accessed by parties that are not authorized (Wheatley et al., 2016). It also exposes the client to loss of their personal property such as money when the credit card numbers are leaked. In one of the latest incidences, Equifax, a company that deals with credit and demographic data services. In addition to that, the company also sells credit monitoring and fraud prevention to other companies.

Relation to the Capstone Project

In 2017, the company was hit by a significant data fraud and a lot of the customers' data was leaked to the companies that breached their system. The client's identity card numbers, driving license numbers, birth certificate numbers among other vital information was leaked or tampered with which resulted in the data in the company getting mixed up. The ethical values that apply here are the poor methods that the organization had in protecting the data it had in store. The workers did not update their security protocols as noted by the company manager when he blamed an employee for the use of not upgrading his security server (Symanovich, 2018). This is a significant failure in the organization.


It is the part of the labor force that is in charge of leading the organization. It goes with ranks from the junior leaders to the senior leaders such as the Chief Executive officer. It is essential that the leaders work together to ensure the prosperity of the enterprise and wipe out the existing errors. The leaders are also in charge of formulating policies and laws on behalf of the other members of the organization (Kim & Mauborgne, 2017). They decide to allocate the resources to the various projects that the institution has. They also have the role of motivating the employees which increases their loyalty.

Relation to the Capstone Project

The company is under poor leadership. The leaders have to ensure that all stations are well organized and working efficiently. The leaders also must tell the people about any failures in the organization instead of hiding the information as the leader of Equifax did. He continued selling their products despite the chance of a potential breach. In addition to that, he blamed the violation on an individual instead of accepting the mistake and correcting it accordingly.


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