Coca Cola As A Multinational Beverage Company - Assignment Example

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Date:  2022-06-23

What Makes It Multinational?

It is worthwhile noting that multinational in this context refers to a company that has its subsidiaries in more than one country. Coca-Colas' main headquarters are based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company conducts local operations in other nations across the world. Therefore, this qualifies Coca-Cola to be a multinational company (Wakefield, 2001). It is essential to understand that Coca-Cola is a multinational corporation that was started by Ara Griggs Candler in the year 1886. In fact, the corporation manufactures, markets and sells over 3,500 varieties of beverages. According to Kant, Jacks & Aantjes (2008), it presently deals with a range of brands in several countries around the world. Coke (Coca-Cola), Mello Yello, Fresca, Fuze, Minute Maid, Dasani, Sprite, Fanta, Ciel and Power Ade to name a few are among the company's top brands. Coke is the most recognized beverage brand in the world.

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What Is the Mission of the Organization or Corporation?

Coca-Cola Inc. just like any other company, it has mission statements that enable it to define its customers, products, and services. Furthermore, Coca-Cola uses its mission to differentiate its products from other competitors like PepsiCo. The first mission of Coca Cola Inc. is to rejuvenate the world in spirit, body, and mind (Thorne & Ferrell, 2002). Secondly, the company uses its actions and brands to inspire moments of happiness and optimism among its customers. Lastly, Coca Cola Inc. strives to make a difference and value using its products and services.

What Does the Mission Mean to You?

Coca-Cola's mission is to rejuvenate the world in spirit, body, and mind increase its demand among the customers. The increased demands call for more production of the soft drinks. This phenomenon will lead to high sales making the company to make more than a zero profit. It is essential to understand that a zero revenue occurs when a company's cost of production equals income. Therefore, as an employee, I am likely to get more incentives. Secondly, as an employee, I can use the company's mission to anticipate my designated role before joining the corporation. For instance, from the Coca-Cola Inc. mission, I understand the overall responsibility of an employee is to strive and brought tangible impact in the company (Rugman & Verbeke, 2004).

Why Do You Want to Work for Them?

Coca-Cola is a big name in the multinational arena, and therefore anybody would be happy to be their employee. I would desire to work for Coca-Cola because of the way they value their employees. Most importantly they provide a diversity of benefits that are competitive; therefore, the company is in a good position in addressing my needs as an employee. Checking their benefits packages, I am attracted since I will be happy if I know that the company I am working for values my services by offering market-competitive benefits which are geared towards promoting a healthy lifestyle for both myself as an employee and those of my family members (Vrontis & Sharp, 2003).

To Obtain and Maintain a Solid Reputation at Multinational ABC, How Should You Proactively Approach Political, Legal, and Technological Factors?

First, I will make sure the company adhere to food and drug act regulation. In particular, I will ensure I include only the recommended ingredient to the drink. Furthermore, I will ensure I adhere to the rules governing the distribution of coca cola products so that the Coca-Cola Company does not act in any ultra-vires way. Secondly, I will make sure the company maintains its popularity through the use of social media platforms in marketing. For examples, I will propose to the company executives to continue updating the new feeds and replying to the raised queries in the social media platforms. This strategy will increase the company's reputation against its competitors. Lastly, I will ensure any invention I come across pass through the patented process. In this way, I will be maintaining the legal process of the company while at the same time perpetuating the reputation of the corporation.


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