Essay Sample on Obstacles in Composing the Essays and Overcoming Them

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Date:  2022-10-17


While I was composing the two essays, the Visual Ad Analysis and Argument Synthesis, I faced numerous obstacles. During the time I was researching for the essays, I felt that the experience was the toughest challenge that I have faced so far in my writing endeavours. Coming up with these essays was time-consuming and brain draining. As I have said earlier, there are several challenges that I faced and by learning about these obstacles I will become more prepared in my future writing activities. This will enable me to avoid committing the same common mistakes I had committed so as to write better and score more. The major obstacle that I faced was researching and gathering information on the subject of the essays, especially on forest resources as I was writing the Visual Ad Analysis. At first, I did not know where to find the best sources for these delicate topics that needed to be addressed. To overcome this problem so as to select the right reference source, I read the table of contents and the synopsis and in the sources that supported my point, I included them as my sources. The second obstacle that I faced was the challenge in developing a proper thesis statement. The thesis statement meant a lot to me since it is a way of telling the readers what my topic is and what am hoping to achieve at the end of the essay. To overcome this challenge, I had to rephrase my thesis statement a couple of times so as to come up with the best sentence that clearly brought about the message that I needed to pass across.

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Obstacles That I may Face In Writing At Least 25 Pages For This Semester

As stated above, writing comes with many challenges and obstacles. For this semester, I am required to write more than twenty-five pages which will definitely be time-consuming and a little bit hectic as the number of pages to be written are many and will require extensive research. To accomplish my goals of writing these many pages, I expect to face some obstacles which I need to overcome so as to attain my target. The major obstacle that I may face is the issue of coherency and consistency since the number of pages is many and the information that is needed is extensive and wide. The volume of the information that I will be getting from the sources is wide and can lead me off the topic. To help me overcome this obstacle, I will need to create an outline in each topic so that I can identify the main ideas and the secondary points in my writing which will help me stay coherent. The other challenge that I might encounter is finding the right evidence to support my research and ideas. To overcome this obstacle I will strive to determine the right statements and evidence to support my argument which may include quoting a conclusion or a theory from my sources to support and develop the ideas that I present. The final challenge that I might encounter in my writing is the issue of citations and following the required formatting standards. This mistake can lead to serious consequences such as plagiarism. So as to eradicate this problem, I will need to write the quotes that I decide to use and list the source right away.

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