Paper Example on Non-Emergency Transportation: Ensuring Access to Healthcare for Everyone

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Date:  2023-01-26


Non-emergency transportation involves ferrying of people to their pre-scheduled healthcare appointments (Ganuza & Davis, 2017). These include clinical testing, doctor visits, follow-up exams, and also rehab in some cases. Transportation barriers should not prevent any Medicaid recipient and veteran from accessing medical attention.

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Executive Summary

Almost 3.6 million delays or even miss medical care since they lack transportation to their appointments. It is because many low-income earners do not have disposable incomes to access automobiles (Myers, 2015). This problem creates an opportunity to look for a solution such that the patients will have easy access to medical attention without any delays. Company X has majored in transport for over 20 years and focuses on rural areas that face transport challenges to enhance the promotion of universal healthcare. According to the cost of living data, moving from Chicago to Huntsville is 20.2 %. Transportation cost in Chicago and Illinois is 159.8 while that of Huntsville and Alabama is 92, and thus Chicago and Illinois cost of transportation is high, making it our target market. We aim to offer the transport at lower charges. Therefore, it will be pocket-friendly to low-income Americans.


The company plans to do through marketing through social media, mainstream media, content marketing, and one on one to introduce our service to the target market, especially in Chicago and Illinois. Our positioning statement will be based on a low price solution that we have due to high transportation cost in the areas. Company X pricing will be market-based pricing.

Milestones and Metrics

Having been in the transport industry for the longest, the company ensures the safety of the passengers, efficiency, and comfort is guaranteed. The company's review by the clients has been positive. We also aim to promote universal healthcare to all Americans despite the location or status by providing affordable transportation.

Financial Plan

Company X is aiming at sales of approximately 3 million, with a yearly revenue of 10 million. For the company's business financials, we will use cash flow statements, balance sheet and profit and loss statement. On personnel planning, drivers are paid $70 while the minimum junior employee can be paid $40. We also cater to employee burden costs, such as payroll taxes and insurance.

Company Overview

The mission of company X is, united together; we can promote universal healthcare. The goal is to be the most efficient and pocket-friendly service provider. We are located in Chicago, Illinois, Alabama, and Huntsville thus easy to access within a few minutes of request. The company has a team of very well trained drivers with ethics and many years' experience.


Ganuza, A., & Davis, R. (2017). Disruptive Innovation in Medicaid Non-Emergency Transportation. Hamilton, NJ: Center for Health Care Strategies.

Myers, A. (2015). Non- Emergency Medical Transportation: A Vital Lifeline for a Healthy Community. National Conference of State Legislatures. Retrieved From -healthy-community.aspx

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