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One of the main advantages of mobile advertisement is coverage. For example, virgin airlines have over 585,000 followers and have followed or connected with over 6,440 other companies. The airlines have also twitted or sent 178,000 messages since the Twitter account was opened and has received over 12.7k likes to its messages mostly advertisements.

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This means that each advertisement made on Twitter reaches 585,000 clients without costs. Virgin Airlines sends an advertisement to all the customers without incurring a single cost as the Twitter platform is free and messaging on the platform is free (Slama & Singley, 1996)

Brand Engagement

Twitter can be and is being used by the virgin airlines to engage its clients. For example, the marketing department can collect data or input from the customers and use the information to improve their service packages. Additionally, it is important to note that Virgin Airlines has in the past used the platform to address the customer complaint

Ease of Content Development

Creating content and advisement for a mobile platform is easy as the marketers can tweet and share their advertisement over the mobile phones while on the move as opposed to the traditional advertisement that took months to develop

Access to the Millennial - Unreached Targets

It is a common knowledge that millennial rarely read newspapers and magazines but are tech savvy. The millennial and the younger generations can be reached over the internets such as mobile marketing platform like social media as opposed to the traditional marketing channels such as radio and televisions (Slama & Singley, 1996)


It is difficult to measure social media marketing because there are no clears metrics for social media marketing.

Secondly, privacy and security issues in mobile marketing can limits the success of mobile media marketing. Many users are known to protect their privacy and this means that they will use ad blockers to prevent mobile adverts from displaying in their mobiles phones.

Finally, platform incompatibility is also another major issue as moist advertisement would not display properly in the mobile platforms.'

Will the FTC’s Requirements Regarding Ads and Endorsers Make Twitter Less Effective as an Advertising Medium for the Aviation Industry

The Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) Endorsement Guides on Twitter ads indicates that the airline, which is one of the most frequent users of Twitter for ads, has to fully disclose all the information desired by the targeted markets in their adverts. Whether Virgin Airlines is using celebrities to market or endorse its services, Virgin Airlines has to start with the three characters- ads: for the audiences to differentiate between an advertisement or endorsement and just informative peace (FTC, 2018). This also means that Virgin Airlines may not be able to mislead the audiences through implied or expressed claims in their advertisements (Slama & Singley, 1996).

Virgin Airlines would be held responsible for deception in their advertisement on twitter that starts with the words AD: All claims whether implied or expressed would be considered an advertisement and the company are requires providing a full disclosure within the 40-character advertisement. The impact of such directive is that Virgin Airlines would have to reconsider the nature of messages sent over Virgin Airlines' tweeter handle to avoid possible legal actions in the event of adverse outcomes that can be associated directly with the advertisement in the social media. The directive carries a burden to the airlines that mean that the airline has to be responsible for all ads and non-ad messages on Twitter. Virgin Airlines must also be response for implied and expressed claims as well as any subliminal messages that can be considered an advertisement by the clients.

Based on the truth-in-advertisement laws, the airlines would have to either provide facts and ensure that there is scientific evidence backing the claims made in the advertisements without which the FTC could file a court case in case their investigation indicates that the airline's practices are unfair or are deceptive based on the FTC Act (FTC, 2018)


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