Paper Example on Mental Health and Social Issues

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Date:  2023-01-26

Permanent Effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome on a Young Child

It is about a young child who has been diagnosed with FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome). The child is illustrating some physical abnormalities characteristics of FAS, which are permanent. The effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome can be both long-lasting and dramatic. The consumption of alcohol causes fetal Alcohol Syndrome during a mother's pregnancy. This leads to a baby of the mother to be born with developmental disabilities and defects. When a baby is exposed to alcohol while in the womb may experience fetal alcohol spectrum infections, which include a massive range of learning, physical as well as behavioral issues. Fetal alcohol syndrome is the most severe type of fetal alcohol syndrome disorders.

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Claustrophobia is a kind of anxiety disorder, whereby an illogical fear of being closed-in or having no escape can result in a panic attack. Individuals having claustrophobia are mostly frightened when they get into an elevator, then they may decide to go to enormous lengths to avoid elevators. If they may end up using a lift because of some reasons, these people are freighted and have thoughts that the doors of the elevator will not open, or the elevator will fall, or they will lack enough air to breathe.

Facts about Claustrophobia

  • It affects some individuals when they are in a small space
  • Claustrophobia can result in a feeling of panic
  • The causes of claustrophobia can include genetic and conditioning factors

College Students and Research

One of the reasons as to why much research is conducted using college students is that college students are always readily available. Also, using college students to do your research is generally less expensive as compared to seeking research in other areas outside the college population. College students give skewed data. This means that, if the researchers are the professors of the students, the students may already have an idea of the research, and then change their answers to fit with the theories of the professor.

Avoidant Personality Disorder

Avoidant personality is a condition categorized by the social reserve. People that have been diagnosed with this type of disorder usually are oversensitive to criticism and preoccupy on what other people think of them. Because of this, these people with avoidant personalities withdraw themselves from situations where others can criticize them. People with avoidant personality have a fear of rejection and extreme shyness, which prevents them from interacting both professionally and socially. These people can be prevented in social activities because of their low self-esteem as well as feelings of inadequacy. Furthermore, the people with avoidant personality may be inhibited with their incompetence then create relationships with other people only if they have the thought that they will not be rejected. Rejection and loss are so painful to the people with an avoidant personality that they may choose loneliness rather than attempting to link with other people.

Alcohol and Road Accidents

Alcohol is a primary factor in road accidents in the United States, where the traffic crashes as a result of alcohol causes more injuries and deaths as compared to the road accidents in which alcohol is not a factor. The reason as to why alcohol has been a significant factor in road accidents in the United States is that alcohol lowers the ability of the brain to function, impairing thinking, muscle, and reasoning coordination. All these potentials are essential in operating a vehicle safely. Drinking is associated with over 40% of deaths as well as severe injuries suffered in automobile accidents in the United States.


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