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Just Eat refers to a British digital foodstuff order and delivery provider. The firm acts as a transitional between self-regulating takeaway food stores and consumers. The headquarters of Just Eat Inc. exists in London, England, and runs businesses in 13 nations. Established in Denmark, the podium offers opportunities to clients to search for domestic takeout foodstuff outlets, book orders, settle charges online, and select pick-up or delivery preferences (Gupta 2019, p. 891). The platform remains a private limited company in the online food and drinks ordering industry. The Company got founded in 2001 by Jesper Buch, Per Meldgaard, and Henric Ostergaard. The Company has over 3,600 employees.

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Just Eat Takeaway remains the parent company with other subsidiaries, such as Menulog, Skip TheDishes, iFood, City Pantry. As of 2018, the Company operating income stood at £110.3 million, net income of £79.9 million, and revenue of £779.5 million (Gupta 2019, p. 891). The Company got listed on the London Stock Exchange until its acquisition by in February 2020. On April 22nd, 2020, the Competition and Markets Authority of the United Kingdom gave a verdict verifying the merger between and Just Eat Inc. after investigation (Gupta 2019, p. 891). Customers for Just Eat Inc. include online users. Some of the competitors for Just Eat food service provider include Uber Eats, Deliveroo, GrubHub, Delivery Hero,, Postmates, and Mr. Delivery. The purpose of this paper entails an examination of the services marketing of Just Eat Company.

Analysis of Service Quality

Just Eat anticipates that smartphone applications will increase the ease and popularity of online ordering through its food ordering application portal. Just Eat introduced its free application for iPhone and iOS devices that continue to lead in the AppStore downloads in the food and beverage industry (Namin 2017, p. 71). The Just Eat foodstuff smartphone applications menus offer consumers a simple and user-friendly portal to order menus, give feedback, and see the provisions accessible in over 15,000 delivery food outlets across the United Kingdom and other restaurants across the globe (Namin 2017, p. 72).


This paper will employ the SERVQUAL model (Reliability, Assurance, Tangibles, Empathy, and Responsiveness) to analyze the Just Eat Company's service quality. Reliability refers to the organization's competency to deliver on its promises to its shareholders accurately and dependably. Just Eat food delivery firm operates a massively sophisticated digital culture in over 35 software manufacturing crew in five regions, functioning in conjunction to sustain 450 micro-services (Namin 2017, p. 73). The food service provider shifted from relying on printed operated documents to an enhanced centralized network site reliability engineering (SRE) group, remodeled its instruments. It has begun the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) to automate its business processes further. The site reliability engineering makes Just Eat lead in customer service and maintain a competitive advantage against its immediate rivals like UberEats and Deliveroo.

Outages during peak hours and crises result in customer dissatisfaction and can get detrimental to a business (Namin 2017, p. 74). Just Eat also deploys an effective communication system by ensuring that its lines of communication remain open. Just Eat Inc.’s tooling and system give customers an excellent experience when placing an order, delivery, and payment and ensures the reliability of its services to its esteemed customers. Employees, executives, restaurants, and the technology incorporated in the Company's business model ensure that these aspects actively engage in the Just Eat operations to ensure a high rate of service delivery to end-users and build a reliable food provision service (Namin 2017, p. 75). The cycle from ordering, delivery, and payment supported by the robust technology and effective management of the model help the Company deliver to its clients with little hurdles and enhances its service reliability.


Assurance involves the ability of a company's business strategy to inspire confidence and loyalty. Since the Company operates an online foodstuff delivery service, the stakeholders must understand and manage the delivery structure effectively to generate the trust and confidence of customers. The Company's business model assures customers of availability and safe food through its advanced mobile marketplace and online portal for takeaway food and beverages with an easy and secure means of ordering and paying for foodstuff from local takeout restaurants (Kasiri et al., 2017, p. 91). The food stores that collaborate with Just Eat Company through their platform have their menu accessible to online customers. The customers undertake a search for domestic restaurants through their postcode and any cuisine preference. The Company then communicates consumer's orders to various takeaway restaurants through the JCTs (Just Connect Terminals).

The restaurants utilize these order details to confirm and give feedback to customers. Once the food stores have completed preparing the meal or beverage, it gets delivered to the consumer, who then have the leverage to pay safely digitally on ordering or through cash on delivery (Kasiri et al., 2017, p. 92). The system, therefore, assures consumers of safe delivery and payment. As the Company develops, creates, and maintains its technology, it remains committed to scalability. The firm invests massively in its management information system to give assurance to consumers of the effectiveness of its portal as vibrant, secure, and flexible enough to meet the growing demand form food outlets and customers successfully.

Moreover, clients have the reassurance of making orders from a reputable and trusted Company and get excellent customer experience through Just Eat digital provision or via the offline call centers through a single tap of the button from their smartphones. The Company's brand relationship enables food and drink outlets to drive sales in online orders through seamless admission to the online marketplace (Kasiri et al., 2017, p. 93). Just Eat Company emphasizes a comprehensive approach that secures the whole stakeholder network's rights to engage in ensuring business continuity and proper service delivery that has endeared it to its consumers, business partners, and company owners.


Empathy dimension refers to how best the organization handles the client's requirements and how it controls its communication system to ensure customer contentment. Research, training, and development of employees on customer service, negotiation skills, and communication skills remain essential in ensuring the workforce maintains rapport and hospitality with the Company's stockholders (Namin 2017, p. 75). The Company's workforce remains important in ensuring the successful function of the Company. The centralized operating team responsible for executing, modeling, supporting, sustaining, and promoting the firm's mobile applications and websites ensure stakeholders receive value for their money. Partners in the business, such as restaurants and any outsourced delivery service, must remain professional and friendly to the Company's consumers. The domestic workers and in-house customer care crew who champion sales, marketing, operations, and customer service ensure that shareholders receive the best services possible.

The low pricing model the Company adopted ensures that the welfare of investors, customers, and the Company receives better consideration, and the entire company stakeholders' faculty remains satisfied (Namin 2017, p. 76). Restaurants have to pay a one-off to get registered in the Just Eat online network. The fee may vary liable to market forces making any compulsory prices to remain success-founded. The firm's strategy emphasizes on consumer experience, providing unique options, and finally driving business channel shift. The Company has built a strong management team with an in-depth understanding of the business and the market environment in which it runs its business (Namin 2017, p. 77). Such a strategy indicates to clients, suppliers, outsourced services, and investors that the Company desires to listen and improve the services offered through interactive engagement with various stakeholders to ensure the excellent customer experience.


Tangibles refer to anything that has an actual physical presence and can get valued in terms of monetary value. Just Eat creates value for its consumers and shareholders through its online market network. The consumer portal helps clients make sound decisions regarding the menu to order and carry out the transaction in a comfortable way (Kasiri et al., 2017, p. 93). Consumers have the liberty to scrutinize the complete menu from all the listed restaurants providing takeaway food services and analyze customer feedback and ratings. Besides, customers can opt to document their card details with the Company and have the assurance of its security. The client can also leave their address, preferred food outlet, and favorite dishes safely with Just Eat. Moreover, consumers can make meal orders anywhere, anytime, and anyhow through their smartphones or website (Kasiri et al., 2017, p. 94). The easy and reliable access to Just Eat services helps reassure consumers that the ordered meal will get delivered at their doorsteps.

Through the successful delivery of services to food and beverage stores and clients from various parts of the country and across the globe, the firm sustains its monetary value to its stockholders. Given the rapid expansion of the business, the Company expects to hold adequate profits created in the short-term to finance its growth plan (Kasiri et al., 2017, p. 95). Such a growth plan strategy and the increasing profit margin indicate a positive return in the running of the business, indicating the tangibles of the venture. Most takeout food stores have difficulties regarding the required skills, time, and capital to create and maintain an individual online marketplace. Just Eat resolves these challenges through an elaborate admission to their already developed and sustainable online market (Kasiri et al., 2017, p. 96). The technology created and developed by the Company remains an essential asset that drives the productivity of its operations, those of its partners, and enhances the experience of its consumers. The central platform continues to sustain greater accessibility while regulating peak volumes and crisis market hours.


Responsiveness refers to the wish to assist a consumer with quick services, a need for the organization to adopt flexibility in its strategic business plan. The business approach must meet the client's needs (Namin 2017, p. 75). Just Eat Company's platform appeal to consumers due to its restaurant preferences, brand, ordering expediencies, and the scores and appraisals available. Clients place orders on the firm's platform generating gains for other users by enhancing the level of rating of restaurants and feedback. Several customers draw many foodstuff stores to register, thereby grows selection and improves consumer preferences to make menu orders through Just Eat, concluding the value chain circle. Also, the Company has a successful revenue collection model that provides consumers, investors, and business partners a prompt and helpful support.

Furthermore, the Company runs a beneficial cash flow cycle in which customers pay online (Namin 2017, p. 76). Just Eat collects the entire order value on restaurants' behalf. Besides, the online presence and access to the Company's active consumer ba...

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