Essay Sample on How the Market Trend Worries the Copper Business

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Several businesses in the entire globe experienced severe challenges with regards to the marketing trends in the whole economy (Mikesell 2017). It is worth acknowledging the fact that, without appropriate strategic plan most businesses risk a massive drop entire revenue collection which interns affected the whole sectors in the company. Significantly, following the recent Wall Street Journal report on the market challenges on the copper industry, this paper, therefore, intends to focus on the trending challenges facing marketing in the entire copper business.

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To begin with, the marketing procedures in the entire copper business in the United States are often faced by the massive challenges which make it difficult to effectively attain the full potential in meeting the intended customers' demands (Mikesell 2017). Though copper companies in the past have maintained a steady marketing frontier, there are heavily affected by several challenges ranging from technological to the substantial expertise from the relevant marketing authorities. In addition, several challenges are facing the entire marketing paradigms and consumer behaviour with regards to the copper products which render the periodic sales to be below the expected limits. Notably, the challenges facing marketing in the whole copper industries may include:

Inexperience or Understaffed Marketers in the Copper Industry

The marketing field in the copper industry has become complex as depicted in the recent article in the Wall Street Journal. From the article, it is clearly indicated that and many marketers face constant challenges in a bid to cope up with the trending situation which renders the entire marketing in the copper industry quite challenging in the long run (Mikesell 2017). It is imperative to note that, lack of enough knowledgeable and capable marketers in the entire copper industry poised more significant challenges in meeting the intended number of consumers. On the same account, the higher number of inexperienced marketers often poised a problem in adopting the relevant marketing strategies. More significantly, the new personnel's in the complete copper business results into the sub-marketing policies and poor performances. In addition, most of the copper companies do suffer the understaffing which in the long run results into low revenue collection affecting the entire sectors within the business. Following the in-depth analysis, it is worth admitting the fact that, the only mitigating factor which renders the attempts to solve this problem futile is due to lack of enough resources in most companies to higher enough and experienced field marketers. On the same account, by ensuring that the relevant parties gain the clear insight on the marketing practices can help sort the challenges due to inexperienced staffing. Similarly, the marketing managers can as well partner with the specialised teams to help create the content, track leads and sales and generate the traffic for the effective marketing strategies in the market.

New Marketing Trends

The new marketing trends in the copper industry subject several marketing managers into challenging situations preventing them from implementing their own strategies(Bianco et al. 2007). Notably, the presented challenges which revolve around web designing, the constant use of technology as well as the continuous shift in the pricing trends often poised more significant problems in the whole copper industries. In a bid to effectively curb the trending marketing challenges in the copper industry a team of marketing agencies ought to be employed to conduct a detailed research on the trending problems. Tentatively, the challenges of the constant trending marketing techniques often affect the general marketing fraternity whose solution relies entirely on then useful research on the marketing paradigms. On the same account, the marketing trends which has a more significant impact on the demand and supply on the copper products if not timely resolved can significantly affect the general revenue collection within a designated period. Similarly, by employing the active research in the several trending situations in the market, the copper industry risk losing the consumer base which interns affect the entire outcome in business (Bianco et al. 2007).

Closing the Sales Loop

Another common challenge facing the copper industry in the entire United States is the lack of effective strategies of analysing the closing sale loop which is a common problem in the entire market (Revellio 2017). The constant disconnect in handling appropriate leads to sales in the copper industry subjects the marketers into serious challenges since most of them lack the relevant approaches in handling sales. On the other hand, lack of adequate systems to woo potential customers in the copper industry also offers the challenging procedures which would require strategic attention to meet the trending demands in the industry. As projected in the article, the copper industry is periodically affected by inadequate approaches to help gain the full potential in contracting and encouraging leads in the business. Apparently, the loopholes experienced in marketing field with regards to the inadequate systems may render revenue collection ineffective due to lack of the technical know-how needed in the field. Basically, if the loops are not sealed in the marketing departments for the copper products both the consumers and the supplier risk low collection resulting in higher prices of copper products (Revellio 2017).

Projected Solutions to the Challenges in the Marketing Field

In order to meet the marketing challenges in the copper industry, the marketing managers must focus on meeting the expectations of the customers (Alonso et al. 2012). Similarly, by adopting the relevant technology in the copper industry, marketers are bound to experience a complete shift in trending marketing situations. On the same account, as part of the lasting solution to both the marketers and the copper business in the United States would require hiring professional marketing agencies to do the bidding in the entire marketing firm. Also by embracing the modern day marketing strategies, the copper industry can quickly meet the full potential in attaining the marketing goals (Alonso et al. 2012).


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