Brand Recognition, Target Audience, and Demographics Essay

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Date:  2022-04-04

This essay aims at defining Brand recognition, target audience, and demographics. It also presents a more in-depth interpretation of the terminologies as well as identifying a relevant example to represent specific brands that uphold a high level of brand recognition and the audience targeted by the brand.

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Brand Recognition refers to the extent to which the public or the target market recognizes and recalls a particular brand, without having to know the name of the producer company, but by the appearance of the products through logos, ways of packaging, color or slogans. It is commonly known as aided brand recall. A well-recognized brand catches the eye of people solely through the unique features and prior knowledge attached to the high quality of products (O'guinn, Allen, Semenik, & Scheinbaum, 2014).

On the other hand, the target audience is the specific group of people that a company, an advertisement or a producer of goods aims at reaching. Mostly, the target audience is usually the consumer or buyer of the products presented by the firm through ads. Demographics is the statistical data representing a particular population and the various market groups within it, distinguished by things like religion, age, gender, race, and levels of education. Demographics help firms identify their target audience easily and plan on how to satisfy every one of them conveniently and according to their wishes and standards (Wheeler, 2017).

Walt Disney is the world's number one brand in brand recognition. It is termed as the most powerful brand. Walt Disney's target market is not only kids but aims at entertaining people of all age groups, all over the globe. Nike is a brand appreciated all over the world and is mostly recognized as the world's leading brand in sporting footwear. Its target audience includes people in every age, especially those involved in sporting and work out activities. However, its primary audience is the professional athletes. The Coca-Cola company is another example of a globally spread brand, that is recognized above all other beverage companies. It puts its focus different target groups with various needs depending on their age, sex, lifestyles and cultural differences. It has the advantage of providing safe and economic beverages to all ages from as young as three years, which increases its market ("Brand Value & the Most Powerful Brands 2016 (with Infographic)", 2018).

Chloe Kardashian brands the Good American denim that sold more than has been noted in history on the first day of its release. Chloe aimed to design denim that fit girls of all sizes, and that looked attractive even when a bigger size get worn by a small sized girl. Beyonce, a great musician, has branded the 22 Days Nutrition, helped by her trainer, Marco Borges targeting women wishing to keep fit and in excellent body shape. It also aims at reaching the big sized ladies desiring to start and accomplish weight loss in a short period without straining (Millington, 2018).


In conclusion, a product can attract fast recognition and a big market with the help of globally known celebrities who, with the help of other designers and producers, satisfy the constant needs of people all over the globe. Brand recognition depends on the number people among the target audience that prefer the particular brand leaving many other brands that produce the same products.


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