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The Children's Trust Southampton: Towards a Culture of Partnership Working

The Children and Young People Trust Southampton is a trust that majorly aims at bringing a wide range of various services concurrently to enhance the services that place the needs of the vulnerable who include children and youth in the city. The group was established in 2008 together with the statutory provisions.

Trust banner

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The organization focuses on developing necessary agreements for working in organizational and agency boundaries with an effort of improving the livelihood of the children and young people together with their families. The nature of the trust is not an organization but a partnership that is willing to team up with agencies and other organizations to help the children and youths.

The Southampton Children's Trust developed the great spirit of the partnership after the failure of high-profile service concerning to children and youths and also the need to work more productively. By the fact that the trust was formed in line with statutory provisions, the structure of such assurances was not prescribed. However, the idea of collaboration with the multi-agencies was the means by which the livelihood of children and youths was improved, and that was the birth of this trust.

The structure of this trust has however changed over time which brought about improvements of job duties which resulted to additional adjustments in job representation and responsibilities in organizations that are associates in the trust. The need to change was driven by politicians and the announcements of the Children's Act that rendered many local agencies and authorities bringing services to the children and the teenagers to go through intense improving to change statutory requirements and thus The Southampton Children's Trust was not an exemption.

With directions from the community authorities, the trust started the base that was together with the proclamation of the green paper "Every Child Matters" The belief set examples of many agencies working by motivating employment of a crucial staff manager working across co-workers, rather than having an individual agency.


Managing people and organizations. Humanized robots.

In this context, Helen Bower had inherited the family business "Bowers Machine Parts" from his father who passed away unexpectedly. The corporation was founded four decades ago, and it makes the replacement part for parts for large-scale manufacturing parts machines. Now Helen is the new head, and her biggest problem is that she has never understood her father's approach to handle the family business.

In the view above, his father treated the employees as if they were part of the family and also he spent most of his time with the employees and listening to their advice and complaints. Helen has a different plan which is to turn all tables down and act as the boss to increasing the production of the firm. One of the steps she has made is to stop handling the employees softly and treat them as what they are.

Helen has noted that there is international competition as Japanese firms have moved competitively into the market and this has posed a threat because the lucrative parts market would attract more Japanese competitors. Helen always made sure her corporation was effectively working on high productivity.

Helen has moved forward to implement her vision by increasing production by 20 percent and for this to be achieved; she has instructed the supervisors to cut the employee's idle time to ensure to work is done round the clock. The crucial step she took is by announcing that the profit sharing plan of the firm was cut. She believed that the profit belonged to the owner of the firm and that the wage of the employees was sufficient to pay for them. She thought this would increase the output and reduce the expenditure in the firm. However after all this changes the output margin slightly higher. She went ahead to sound a warning that those who did not increase their output by 10% they would have an equal pay cut. In my view, I don't Helen will be successful in her new plan this is because the workers in the firm are human beings and research has shown that the only way to increase the productivity in a firm is by motivating the employees. Motivating the employees can be the way of increasing their wage or even giving them positive feedback or a promotion.

The challenges that Helen is trying address here is the fear of competition from a Japanese firm. But her methods of addressing the challenge will not help the growth of the firm. The advice I can offer her is to try new methods of production which in this case it will be better if she invests in robotic technology to help in the output of the company. I can also advise her to motivate her employees and not reduce their pay.

Managing Stress and the Work-life Balance

In this context, we can first see Larry Field as an intelligent person back in high school and later this earned him a job at a local surveyor, Mr. Loude, at a tender age, however, this time he was dating Alice. He started working in June, and in October he got married to Alice. Alice got a job as a secretary, and one year later they had their first kid unexpectedly. Larry was only twenty years old and was not making enough money, and he later asked Loude for a raise, and he got it.

Two months later Larry was promoted to the Chief crew after one of the main crew quit his job, and the big problem was that Larry was not well conversant with the duties of a main crew. On the other hand, he knew that this new job would attract a rise in pay. Therefore, he had no otherwise but to accept this new job. This scared him also because he wasn't sure that a day would come when he will be sent on a job that he couldn't handle. This made him be stressed, and thus he started doing things that his wife thought he had outgrown. He started smoking, and this became a habit for him such that he couldn't do any work without smoking cigarettes to reduce shaking.

His stress escalated more and more especially when one of the employees was acquiring an engineering degree. He felt that Alfonso Reyes, the scholar, would take his post in no time. He was sure that Alfonso was looking for his help and began reducing his relationship anytime they would get close.

Larry started showing signs of stress initially when he would frequently talk so fast and that he would split over word that he spoke, mumble, turn red in the face, and have to start again. Also, by engaging in outgrown behaviors was a clear sign that Larry was stressed.

Now, trying to cope with his stress, Larry started smoking, but this proved to be worse because he turned to be addicted to smoking such that if he did not smoke, he could shake. One of the ways that Larry could use to reduce his stress was to engage in activities like going to the gym or even spending time with his family. He could also try his chances and listen to his wife's idea of moving to Alaska where he could receive more pay than what he was getting. That is what Larry should have considered instead of indulging in outgrown activities.

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