Paper Example on Gel Brand: Empowering Men's Grooming with Doblix

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Date:  2023-07-02


Doblix Gel, as a brand, has always strived to provide its consumers with one of the unique products that can be used on the hair, body, shave, and styling. The product specifically tailored to empower men into using quality grooming products without losing their masculinity in the process. The business plan will highlight essential aspects of a business, including the market size, the target market, and other stakeholders, marketing strategy, market segments, and market trends. Communication is an integral part of business setup; the communication media, communication objectives, and theme are also mentioned in the draft of this business plan. The effectiveness of this communication is a measurable entity that plays a significant role in the advertisement of our brand to create awareness and reach as more market space.

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Market Segment

The communication plan of the business will target African male customers aged between 20-35 years of age. This market segment is important because since it will seek to emulate the male heartthrobs who find it challenging to keep their hair tidy and neat due to a shortage of products that work best on the natural African hair. Doblix Gel is a new product. We will be looking to set up our distribution firms in major cities in Africa. Africa has about 420million youth aged between 15-35 (Mayer, 2020), with this market share, we will be targeting to capture up to 2% of the market share within the first four years of establishment. Most of the consumers aged between 20-35 years old are mostly associated with paying a lot of attention on how they look to impress both at work and in school, with an increase in the infiltration of the western culture, our brand will stand out as the first-ever brand to supply hair, body and shaving products within Africa only.

Roles of Marketers

Marketers of the brand are tasked with the responsibility of creating awareness about the brand and its products through advertisements using appropriate and recommended media. African youths spend more than two hours a day on the internet (Signe, 2020). Social media influence about 25% of the shopping decisions of African youth. Therefore, the marketers will promote the sales of the product through Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tiktok, Facebook, and Vimeo since these are the most used social media platforms in Africa. Proper publicity puts the business in the forefront in the somewhat growing African market. Africans are considered to be highly brand-loyal consumers who get attached to a product when it offers the best value of money (Signe, 2020). The constant high demand for high-quality beauty products will strengthen our consumer base since our brand will be the best men's grooming product in the market. We will also promote the brand through unique advertisements and expansion of distribution.

Brand Message and Theme

The message that the brand is passing is that our product is a quality grooming product that gives fresh, sharp, and stylish looks. The majority of African youth of the male gender tend to look up to celebrities or individuals with a large number of social media followers. The message will be backed up by an influential figure with massive social media endorsements that will promote the sales of the product. The message past by the celebrity should uphold the high quality of the product to have a positive impact on sales. The personality chosen will, therefore, embody the brand and display the characteristics that the brand wants to communicate to its target audience or consumers.

The communication passed by these advertisements is effective since, with the growing heights of technology, the usage of the internet as a platform in Africa is the best way of selling ideas to the public. Being a region that is under development with each passing decade, we are positive that with thorough publicity, our brand will dominate the market segment and infiltrate other markets in the world.

Perceived Brand Position In The Market

The business niche in the grooming products used exclusively by men is a positive prospect for an entrepreneur. The limited choices of men's grooming products make our product perceive the demand for men's grooming products, and this will put the brand in the minds of every potential consumer in the market. Our product will have an outstanding impact on our consumers and paint a permanent picture displaying quality, effectiveness, and affordability.

The overall perceived positioning of our brand and product should be on the top page of business journals since we will strive to have the best for every one of our esteemed customers. In comparing the intended positioning and the perceived positioning, there should not be a significant difference in the market share since the success of the business highly depends on the achievement of the set objectives of the business and its brand.

The brand's flexibility enables it to be used without breaking any cultural norms of African societies. The product is friendly to the skin, and it has no side effects on the user. Therefore, the full range of culture in Africa will be a strength for our brand since it makes up the social life of every male African youth.

Brand Publicity

As already established, most African youths aged between 20-35 are the target market. This age bracket also has the highest number of social media users in Africa. Advertisements in popular TV and Radio channels, advertisements on YouTube, social media posts of the brand pictures, Facebook mentions by endorsers and celebrities, and billboards are among the proposed advertisement media for our brand. Marketers will also embrace a one on one encounter with the target market by initiating personal selling of the product within significant cities in Africa.

The effectiveness of the communication passed to the target audience will be measure by measuring factors such as social media clicks and comments, twitter retweets, Instagram likes and reposts, Facebook mentions, web searches regarding our brand, and sales turn over. Therefore, it is recommended that the media used to advertise our product should have a majority of its subscribers as male youth aged between 20-35. The brand communication will be effective when the following communication objectives are achieved.

Communication Objectives

Increase product awareness by increasing the reach of the product among the targeted consumer and the market segment by at least 14% annually.

Issue instructions on the usage of our product to the target market.

Educate the consumer on the availability of the product and where it can be found in our outlets.

Africa is a growing economy (Mayer, 2020); a significant number of consumers in this part of the world aged between 20-35 spend a lot of time on the internet (Signe, 2020). It is recommended that the advertisement strategy employed for this particular market segment be entertaining enough to capture the attention of the audience, musicals and entertainers should be incorporated in the advertisements. The message should be so hard to ignore since it will be both entertaining and educational.


Doblix Gel's intended penetration in the market highly depends on proper market analysis and thorough publicity. The market segment is African male youths aged between 20-35 who do most of their shopping online. The message passed by our product should emulate the smart, sharp, and stylish look our product gives to our customers. The effectiveness of our advertisements will be determined by how well the information is responded to by our target market. In our case, social media clicks, retweet, repost, and social media mentions will be among the methods used to evaluate the effectiveness of the communication.


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