Essay on SmartTech Consultants: 5-Year Strategic Plan for Up-Scaling & Quality Service

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Date:  2023-02-12

Overview: SmartTech Consultants offers a wide range of services ranging from network support to hardware maintenance. This five year strategic plan outlines our company blueprint on up scaling while reflecting on improving quality of service to our clients.

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Vision - This describes a desirable point where we want to drive the organization towards and our vision is "To offer the best technological solutions at affordable costs" (Brinckmann et al., 2019).

Core Values - This is what gives our organization its character as we conduct day to day operations. Our values include Integrity, Commitment and Responsiveness (Williams, 2018).

Outcomes - This defines what our end results should look like. Our outcome is to expand our penetration and coverage countrywide by February 2022 (Bellamy et al., 2019).

Accountability- This is the process of delegating duties by indicating who does what to avoid confusion and fasten operations. Our network engineers are therefore responsible for installation while the problem management engineers are responsible for monitoring and response to breakdowns thus optimizing our team and ensuring a quick response time is always realized (Songini et al., 2018).

Key Performance Indicators - These are the measures of progress and are crucial in gauging our efforts and showing our near we are from our set objectives. Our indicators shall include the quality of service, availability and reliability (Bellamy et al., 2019).

Over the next three years, we seek to expand our network infrastructure to connect more users. We also plan to hire more skilled staff while advancing the qualifications of the already existing staff by exposing them to international standards through sponsoring them to attend trainings to acquire competitive skills. We shall remain versatile to the dynamics of the technological upgrades to accommodate our client's changing demands.


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