Customer Driven HR Costs and Benefits Paper Example

Paper Type:  Case study
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  625 Words
Date:  2022-07-05

The case expounds on the matters covering the business and its purpose of existence. It states that every business enterprise cannot exist in isolation. In this case, some customers patronize the business enterprise, and they must be handled in the best way possible to win their loyalty. The case exhausts the fact that for the customers to get fully satisfied and maintain their patronage, their needs have to be attended quite well from the employment of a responsible hand. In this context, only the responsibly trained employees and workforce can be able to deal with all the factors surrounding the employee satisfaction in a required manner and can thus lead to the assurance of the prolonged attendance by the customers, characterizing loyalty. Moreover, the responsibility of the employees can be shaped by the training factor whose costs and benefits have to be weighed so that impactful results can be experienced in the organization (Zahra, S., Iram, A., & Naeem, H. 2014).

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Expounding on matters to do with training, it is an undertaking that has to be assessed carefully so that its benefits far much outweighs the costs incurred in the activity. In this way, the use of the least possible costs in the training of employees will ensure that the maximum returns are reaped as a result. Such maximum profits can be evident in the production of the skilled employees who can provide the products and services to the customers in the best possible way. Excellent quality goods will be offered, and the customers will be served as per their expectation. They will in turn troop in large numbers and with the assured patronage, which in turn makes an excellent mix resulting in the increased sales, its revenues and the profitability in the long run (Bose, C. 2013). Hence, employee training is crucial in the life of the business, only when the mix between the costs and benefits are aptly balanced, leading to the overall benefits and development of the firm.

In the critical question number one, there are impacts from both the direct and indirect savings generated by the training. For a one year stretch, the impacts from the training can be estimated in an example that for each three hundred employees trained; the savings can reach at least $40000. It is arrived at by the fact that most of the employees trained have experiences of serving their customers well. They will, in turn, maintain their loyalty, raising the revenue savings of the firm. For the critical thinking question two, the meaning of the 10% change is that training can increase the experiences and service delivery of the employees, leading to the customer loyalty seen in their coming back often. It can be seen from the figures that the first six months with the untrained employees have more amount of revenues lost, $ 3000 while the saved revenues increase by $ 32,500 when the employees are trained. Hence, employee training is a significant element in any firm seeking prosperity.


There are lessons from the case. One of them is the importance of training employees for their respective works. In this case, they will serve the employees better, who will assure loyalty (Saks, A. M., et al.2010). Additionally, it is good to provide the customers with the best possible quality goods and services. They will maintain patronage which boosts the revenues of the firms.


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